Sunday, August 17, 2008

Entries for October 16, 2006 pts 1 & 2

pt1:3:23am (picture heading the entry was two guys on a steamer ship looking over the railing at water so deep you can only see the top of the Statue of Liberty's head and her upraised arm) we didnt get this much rain. We DID get alot though. I nice soaking rain that started sometime Saturday night (Im betting it started during my stream sometime) and lasted all through Sunday. It's still rainin out there and they're calling for more until almost Thursday. This makes me very happy. WHY? Well:

01) I'll see some green before the dryspell called winter shows up and turns my lawn yellow again.

02) When it rains it saturates the earth around the house hoisting it back up where it belongs somewhat. This makes the backdoor easier to open and close. Gonna need to have it looked at eventually....probably around tax time.

Not much else going on today. I just got really excited about the rain and thought I'd share.

pt2:11:58pm (this referred to my Christmas banners I was working on)

I sit here laughing because of the irony of my last entry. When I posted that, we werent under a flash flood watch. They hadnt even hinted of one. Now before anyone panics, where Im at DIDNT get that much rain. Houston did...they're south of me. Dallas got some flooding as did several other areas (west of me). But my area wasnt bad. We DID get substantial amounts enough to plump up the soil and put my house back to where it should be. I know this because some of the cracks in my ceiling and walls look so much narrower than they had been. The bad news is that it's supposed to dry up the next couple days and be real humid. No more rain (according to the news) until this coming Saturday. I hope it doesnt mess up with my stream time.

I've got my holiday banner nearly complete but Im having trouble choosing which one to use. I have them posted above. They still need some cleaning up so all the white crap is outta there (well except the's supposed to be there). Considering the amount of work it's going to entail, I'd rather just tweak one and toss the other. As such, Im putting it in as a poll. Whichever banner gets the most amount of votes by Oct 28th will be the one I clean up and use for the holiday season.

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