Sunday, August 17, 2008

Entry from Dec 28, 2006

I had to go back to the dr's today. On Christmas nite, shortly after mom n daddy called (who called right after Sheila) my left ear decided to clog up and began to hurt. Mind you I had been on amoxcillin (sp?) since the Friday before for this stupid sinus problem. Either that antibiotic stopped working OR another problem cropped up and it simply couldnt handle all the problems being thrown at it. Dr has said that I have water behind both ears. More behind the left ear plus an infection in there as well. I suspect if I had just stayed the course with the antibiotics, it's likely the same problem would have happened in my right ear in short order. She's got me on 1000mg twice daily of Augmentin...she's told me that it's much stronger than the Amox and Im liable to have a few side effects....but nothing that cant be handled with some potassium and Immodium AD if necessary. I'd really like to remember what it feels like to be well again.....

Oh and Rev dahlin...I dont even HAVE 15 to send that chain to. I KNOW what it looks like in my friends area but a good third dont even use those accounts anymore or rarely even read them. I just aint weeded out yet. Plus one of those extras is mine and I'll be dogged if Im gonna tag myself. Sorry hun. Consider yaself tagged back and anyone who's reading this consider yaselfs tagged as well.

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