Friday, August 15, 2008

Entry from May 1, 2006

Ok, as promised, here is the basket I made for the matron of honor * . I think it turned out great. Now if I could just get the same feeling about the wedding favors. I had nearly all gold leafed and had gotten the gold glitter on the edges (damn whatta mess AND the flashbacks I've occurred with that project!!!). Well, the glitter was supposed to be just on the edges but managed to get all on the inside too. From a distance they look ok, but up close Im still not happy with em. There are STILL bald spots ..PLUS I'd have to find a way to fix the glitter in place with something that aint flammable (as the cups will be holding lit candles). So yesterday I decided to rinse the loose glitter out of a few to see what it'd look like. I figure if it didnt look ok I had enough glitter to redo the insides again for the few I rinsed. Looks like it's going to look ok, but the edges are still bare in spots so Im going to touch those up and check. Worst case, I'll rinse em all and scrape the gold leafing off and leave the dang things plain glass. I really dont wanna do that because I think they'll look so bland. Hmmmm or maybe some gold braiding...I tried to hot glue it before but the gun didnt work...I wonder if some regular ole Elmer's would work instead?

Wednesday I went to the dr's again so she could get a sample off my toes. She informed me that the results would take about 6 weeks to get back *sighz* (and no Im guessing she didnt have any samples of the meds to give me to get me started on them). This means 6 more weeks of Advil because they're really achin lately. While I was there she wrangled me into a couple more tests *ugh*. As she was looking through my file, she asked if I had had my bloodwork done and I told her yeah I had played with the vampires but incase I had to go again today that I hadnt eaten NOR had my caffeine. She placed a call somewhere and they figured out where it had gotten to (why it hadnt been taken to her office I got no clue) and told me it was going to take 30 minutes for that and the other results to get back to her. Thankfully, knowing I hadnt eaten yet nor had my tea AND the fact you can tell when Im getting one of THOSE headaches...she said she'd mail the results to me. In a couple days, I got an envelope from them and considering how heavy I am (Im easily twice the size I should be) everything looks good. They had done a CBC (Complete Blood Count) and a Comprehensive Metabolic Profile (which measures glucose, electrolytes and liver/kidney functions) and both came back normal. In other words, for a woman my size there is no diabetes (which is good as it's on both sides of the family) and my liver is in good condition (considering I do take an occassional drink). My choleterol even is normal...oh sure it could use a bit of improvement *BUT* it's still in the normal range! The other tests she took on Wednesday also came back good...only thing she is concerned about is my thyroid and wants to retest in 3 months time. Im wondering if my thyroid's been a bit screwy my whole life. It would explain the fight with the weight and the facial hair I need to pluck 2-3 times daily so I dont become the bearded lady....also would explain another problem I've had my whole life that I've kept chalking up to stress. It could be actually both stress and a thyroid that's been causing that problem. She gave me a prescription for Provera to try and jump start things there. I gotta get it filled this weekend as my body still aint doing what it should there. Looked up Provera and it looks like a hormone replacement type drug....may help with the mood swings I get now n then also.

Heard from my mommy yesterday. We talked for like over an hour and a half! She told me daddy had called gramma that afternoon and she'd already been in for her first chemo treatment. *shakes head* I gather she told daddy she was sicker than a a real bad case of the flu. Mom said she expected it because gramma's body aint used to all those toxins. I told her she was correct and for the first few treatments at least, gramma would be sick. I guess I best give gramma jingle today or tomorrow and see how she's doing. Im due to call her again. I'd told her last time I'd call her in 2 weeks time. Im afraid she's gonna tell me she's not going to go any farther with the treatments if it had made her that ill. Anyhow, mom told me a friend of daddy's blessed him with a gift of $250 so he could go visit gramma and he'll be visiting her the end of this month. Im going to wait til I hear from him then to make any decisions upon whether August is a wedding and reception or just a reception. Gramma sent back her response card with a note stating she'd be there one way or another with her friend Rosemary in tow. I firmly believe this will be the case as she'll be there in spirit at least, if not in person. Im thinking just incase she cant be there to buy 2 candles to to honor her and one to honor Babe's gramma Nanny. It'll be a nice touch I think.

Talked with the matron of honor this weekend too. She was still up for china at this wedding. (insert eye roll) So I ended up doing what I said I would. I reminded her about those two pieces she wanted and the price we agreed on. Then told her if she wanted the china and fancy stuff...if she rents it and takes care of it, I'd bring the pieces in trade. It works out great for us both. I'm already out the money on those pieces and if she paid me now I'd simply turn around and put it in for the wedding anyhow. Plus this way I dont have to worry about getting all the china n crystal n such transported over. Now all I gotta worry about are the favors (which will double as decor too which is great) and some flowers. We were talkin about going to a Lowes or Home Depot and getting some fresh blooms to decorate with and possibly lowering the lights and havin just candles burning during the ceremony. OHHHHH that reminds me I gotta write the minister and get that started AND a no thanks to that dj (he's too expensive). Im thinkin of droppin a note to a friend of mine to see if he'd like to run the music for me...even if it means bringin my puter and the tunes and just letting him run with it there. Or maybe having all the tunes loaded into play lists for easy playback....that way anyone could just click the right list when needed. While I'm at it I better write my sis in law and get going with picture planning.

*Again, this pic ~might~ be in my Photobucket

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