Saturday, August 16, 2008

Entry from July 28, 2006

Tried on the dress today to double check something. It's not nearly as done as I'd like to be. The neckline's too low for one, which means I gotta rip the sleeves out and remove the trim from the back part of the dress. Then I gotta rip out the shoulder seams and take it up another inch Im guessing. Once I get the seams in the shoulders up enough to pull the neckline up to a respectable area, then I can reattach the trim (which will be easy) and the rework the sleeves . *sighz* Gonna be a long night. If I cant get this to look good by tomorrow, I'll need to abandon the project and go to David's Bridal and do what I should have all along. I better drop a line to the streamers as it doesnt look like I'm going to make my stream tomorrow at this rate.

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