Friday, August 15, 2008

Entry from May 13, 2006

Im not sure why, but I have been finding it difficult to get anything done lately and have been extremely antisocial the last week or so. I simply dont feel like being around anyone. It's gotta be a little of everything that's doing this to me. All I know is Im in a huge meloncholy (for the want of a better word) that I cant seem to shake. The magnolias started blooming about a week and a half ago and my meds are *barely* keeping up...I cant IMAGINE how I'd be feeling if I was still on the Clarinex as that wasnt working well even on a normal day. Needless to say Im stuffy and miserable most of the morning until the pill kicks in. Dunno if the allergies are tryin to go sour on me or not as my ear's been bothering me as well. It isnt painful, just bothersome. If it doesnt clear up by next week I'll be going to the dr's again. While Im there Im considering talking to her about some pain pills for my toes as they've been really acting up and the bottle of ibuprophen says I shouldnt be taking it for more than X amount of days at a time.

We went out the other day and found some microfine (very finely cut glitter) at Michaels and I can finish those favors once and for all. Assuming I can get my ass moving this week, they should be done and I can get onto that dress. Im still half tempted to just buy an ivory dress instead of making it though....that material I bought would make nice curtains in the guest room. I'm just finding it so hard to adjust to my Babe's new schedule. It's got me thrown all outta whack still....and is simply going to get worse at month's end when he goes to night shift. *sighz*
Im thinking of sending my flowers to a friend in Pa to rework. I bought a couple of premade bouquets, but I think they need filling out some. My friend (she's an old neighbor I had up there) said she's really looking forward to this wedding and if I need anything to let her know. I still need to find someone to do the music at my wedding. Im waiting on an email from my friend in Atlanta as I dropped a couple hints in there about needing the help. Im hopin he can come up to Sevierville to dj the party. If not I'll just bring my puter loaded with tunes and have some playlists ready to go....that way anyone can do it.

Babe talked with his mom the other day and she's wantin to have a separate reception at their house or in town. *GRUMBLEZ* I had the same gut reaction to that news as I did when that one streamer came to me weeks ago to have a banner done for that one site. I noticed that Babe DIDNT ask me when he was ON the phone with his mom.....Im guessing that he KNEW what my response was going to be (oh and Babe...when you are absolutely certain what my reaction's gonna be....just tell em out'll save ya sanity in the long run). As far as Im concerned everyone in both families knew no later than early January that the date was August 26th....and that we were looking for places for the ceremony AND reception. At that point:
(1) family members should have said "Hey dont forget to add so n so to the list for an invite" and NOT waited 2 FRIGGIN WEEKS AFTER they received their invites in the mail to say something!! Family and friends knew in JANUARY....invites went out in APRIL. Top things all off...if ya family and you want to make sure certain peeps are invited...have their address HANDY to make sure whomever is filling out the envelopes HAS IT!!!! Dont sit there and give the names and say "I dont have their addy". If you dont, then it's pretty obvious (at least to me) that it isnt all fire important enough to you to have them there. Here it is May and I STILL dont have the addresses on my desk like I asked.....

(2) the location was fully well known approximately WHERE this was going to be held.....since no later than LATE JANUARY. If you had any questions about the amount of parking or wanted to hold the reception in your house or at a location in town you should have asked BEFORE the invites were printed and NOT WAITED TIL AFTER YOU RECEIVED THE INVITE!! Dammit....if you've received your invite that means about 50 other people have too. *IF* by chance I have to change the location it's because the locale had to cancel NOT because you decided it was inconvienient for you or the others that you added at the last bloody minute. If that aint bad enough, if you ARE going to make the suggestion at least have a damn idea WHERE you want to hold this (because Im going to want to look into the place myself)....I know for a fact your house wont hold everyone if they show up..... oh wait...ya didnt mention MY family or MY friends being invited (all of whom will be out of state ya know)...just your kin and damn bad! If our out of town guests can travel hours and hours out of their way to attend the ceremony and reception then dammit those people can travel 2 hours south for the afternoon.

(3) and while we're bitching....Im not a friggin MINDREADER! If your feelings are going to be absolutely hurt if you dont get to do such n such for our wedding as your gift then dammit OPEN YA MOUTH! Please dont assume the grapevine will always get back to me about it (and this is NO time for SURPRISES). If nothing's said Im going to assume I need to hire someone for the service. *inserts a huge eyeroll*. My own family was going to do this and if it hadnt been for my mom, I would have ended up spendin a fortune on a photographer for my wedding. Another case of when the HELL were you going to tell me???? My sister-in-love had told mom that she was going to do the pictures for the wedding, but never broached the subject with me. *sighz* Im so glad mom opened her mouth on it....although havin a second photographer woulda been nice too.
We wont even MENTION that we're already going to be at his folks' house for nearly a WEEK PRIOR to the wedding......and the fact Babe will only have X amount of time off....*IF* he manages to get 2 weeks off...that will give us *maybe* 3 days to ourselves (assuming we dont go back to his folks' house) and we'd have to get home so he can go back to work. Assuming he's still at that job when the wedding comes he applied elsewhere and it's possible he'll be working elsewhere. I should mention that he only told me that he was thinkin of applying and then last night told me while I was on the phone with a friend that he definitely applied to that job. I wonder WHEN he was plannin on tellin me....about the time he changed jobs? Im so glad my friend was on the phone with me as it's the company her hubby works at that Babe applied to (maybe that's what jogged his memory????). *SIGHZ*

I think I better stop now...I gotta stream today and want to make sure Im in a good mood when I do. I keep this up and I wont be....I think I just figured out why I havent had the urge to get anything done.....

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