Sunday, August 17, 2008

Entry from Nov 7, 2006

I had really meant to get this written either Sunday or last night but between the storms that couldnt decide whether or not they wanted to be in my area and the headache I was still nursing from the night before (from Sunday) and the fact I really wasnt feeling well last night....well let's just say I felt it was in my best interest to just stay offline a couple days. I think I figured out part of the reason why my head ached so badly...lack of caffiene...I hadnt had any in like 2 days. Really plumb stupid when you usually drink a 12 cup pot of it daily.

Saturday, hubby and I went out to Clicks in Dallas to catch Squint's performance. Billiard halls and bars are generally not our preferred venue for entertainment. I never really understood the need to go to a bar to be absolutely honest. There really isnt much to do but sit with your friends and drink the night away. This I can do at home thankyouverymuch AND I dont have to worry about getting my ass thrown out for being obnoxious. Im sure the bartenders were taken by surprise by two people sitting there and having no more than 1-2 drinks each for the entire 3 hours. Sorry, but I know my limits and my limit is 2 drinks before I get mean.

The location wasnt exactly optimal to be honest. Not a really good neighborhood at all. Pretty much if they feel the need to post "No Gang Colors, No Doo-rags and No Bandanas" you know it's a rough neighborhood.

I'd forgotten how loud a venue like this can get with live entertainment too. I need to make note to bring some earplugs so I dont damage my already fading hearing. Last thing I need to do is get so I cant keep up with my hobby of streaming online.

I also need to remember that if my friends are the headliners for the night, then they play last which means show up a bit later. This means putting my hubby down for a nap that day so he'll be awake longer that evening! LOL That poor sweetie of mine was falling asleep during the first band that played. Ok, so none of it was truly his style of music. He likes old country and old rock and none of what was played that night was that. However, he liked Squint's music a whole lot.
Even with all this, if you were to ask me if I had a good time or not on Saturday I'd tell you I had an awesome time. Why? Let me tell you why.

01) The lead singer, when he realized that driving to a venue 2hrs away was not an option...suggested one much closer.

02) We got in to the venue early and once I got us introduced and he realized which MySpacer I was...he sat and talked a good 15-20 minutes easily with us and introduced one of the other band members. This, Im sure, is NOT a common thing. My experience with many bigger named stars has been they are merely polite and move along. Squint's big enough to have a following, but isnt to the point of forgetting the people that are putting them where they are now. Not only did Dane visit this one time, but came back 2-3 times to see how we were doing. This is a huge plus in my book.

03) Before taking the stage he came over and said he was going to put a break in the middle (normally they play clear through) and talk to us for a bit if we were still there at that point. Considering hubby was tired I suggested that we'd probably be leaving right about halfway anyhow. At the halfway mark he came down for a visit and hubby bought not one but both cds for me. Dane took the time to go over the cds and suggest reading the story in the first one (great story).

04) As we were getting ready to go, MySpace came up. Imagine my surprise when I mentioned that their song was up this week on my profile and he says "So we're in the rotation now?" WHOOOOOOOOT! What a HELLUVA compliment to know he actually READ my page! I've been cruising on that compliment for 2 days now and I STILL cant get over the fact he took the time to do so (the fact that he was able to put the name with the page still has my brain in traction...).

Squint's performance both on and off the stage made it well worth the trip in though. I highly encourage anyone who has a chance to see this group to do so. I also give their cds 2 thumbs up. For the casual listener who has never heard the group before I suggest the Tinsel Life cd as it's the lighter of the two. Any one of the songs on this could very easily be played on the radio today. All we have to do is start asking the radio stations for it. The first cd, Beeker, is a darker cd and those that have had particularly dark areas in their lives will connect with it very well.

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