Monday, August 18, 2008

Entry from March 7, 2007

Geeez I come back in today and found a bag of garbage in my entry as well. *sigh* So after saving the comment to my harddrive (incase I need to report.. as it has the alias, date and time sent) I went to the person's site and placed them on ignore. No worries bile-spewer...that's all I did. Then after I placed them on ignore I placed a comment in my entry and deleted their comment. When will these people learn that typing all in caps and placing a comment like that in my own blog space is just going to piss me the hell off? While they're at it they need to subscribe to Hooked on Phonics and learn to spell. I mean if you are going to send a veiled threat (and that's just what it was..Ive gotten enough from my ex to know it for what it is...) you may as well word it properly.

Anyhow, due to jerks like this, the general public is going to realize you cant leave a comment on my blog NOR in the comments box any longer. These spaces are reserved for those that are on my friends list only now. You know, the people that dont give me hassles and leave their rubbish around.

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