Saturday, August 16, 2008

Entry from Sept 4,2006

So. After visiting with the family friend we left. We had a much later start than I wanted (not so sure how late he had wanted). All I know is it was at least an hour and a half drive and we were going to be about a half hour late as it was and I hadnt had anything since breakfast (around 730am or so...remember dad's the early riser)because of all the stuff that needed doing. When I finally got into a location where my cell phone would work I turned it on to find several messages from the matron of honor. Each message more and more excited as she travelled she got closer to seeing me again (we havent seen each other since I moved to Texas). She and her hubby made it to the agreed upon location about 30 minutes sooner than they had planned on and we were about 45-60 minutes out still so they went to TGIFridays to have a few beers. As we drove by Friday's, Babe goes...there's where they are and kept driving by. ACK! He kept driving up to the cabin rental place to get the key code and while he was in the office I called my gal and let her know we were about 15 minutes out and how I knew we were. Gave her the brief run down on the day and first words outta her mouth when I stopped talking was...whatcha drinking ...I'll order it in 10 minutes. LOL! She knows me too well! In 15 minutes time we were back to Friday's and she was flyin out the doors to give me a *HUGZ* ( I know ya'll have seen me type that... but for reference for those who have never seen me font in a chatroom...a *HUGZ* is a "bigassed, throw ya arms clear around ya target and squeeze to the point they dont think ya gonna let go" kinda hug...). We sat down for a bit and ended up ordering some ribs to go. Why to go? Because my "bro" from NY (he's the guy in the thick glasses and reddish mustache in the pictures ;D) was going to meet us at the cabin around 330pm or so and it was already close to 4pm. Like I told my gal, with my luck this would be the one time that poor guy DIDNT get lost and he'd be waitin on us. So we all packed up from Fridays and left....them following us. On the way wouldnt you know the car wouldnt do more than 10 mph up to the cabin so now we knew there was more of a problem with it. *UGH* When we got to the cabin....I was luck was right on the money. NYbro was sitting there waitin on us. LOL. The guys unpacked while my gal (SCsis) and I looked over the cabin and decided where to put things. I had a minor dissappointment in that the cabin was a bit smaller than it appeared in the pictures. Needless to say we had to make some quick decisions. I also noticed that the mountain view wasnt on the side of the cabin that I expected it to be and the tree growth was a bit more than pictured as well. I was very thankful, however, that the deerhead had been removed and was nowhere to be seen. The cabin, otherwise, was very beautiful. I quickly laid claim to the master bedroom with the jacuzzi tub. I figured "dammit Im the bride and I deserve at least this much!" My babe was relegated downstairs in the bedroom opposite my SCsis and my NYbro took the upstairs bedroom. All three levels had their own bathrooms. Once the cars were unpacked, we sent the guys off with some lists of stuff we'd require for Saturday so there would be less to pick up the next day. They left out around 830pm (I think!). While they were gone she and I worked on the DFH. She said it was a mircale I got as far as I did by myself and with NO mannequin to use as a guide. We worked on it until 10pm or so when she realized I was getting a bit cranky (well crankier than usual) and she asked when I ate last. I hadnt had anything since breakfast. I've found that although blood tests show Im NOT a diabetic, that my blood sugar tends to drop every few hours to a level where it's hard to function and I really try to eat a little something every 4-5 hours. If I get distracted and dont get a chance to eat...I get cranky, lathargic and really cant concentrate well...which leads to getting overly frustrated and screaming fits (thank goodness she remembered I get this way and what to do for was able to head it off before I got to the point when I start to lose my temper). We ate a little something to tide us over and worked a bit more. The guys showed up around 10pm or so with supper and all the stuff we needed. SCsis decided that noway in hell were we gonna work that dress no more tonight and it might be best to hit the hottub and try to relax some. GREAT IDEA! After a nice soak in the tub we all decided bed was in order. I had to shove Babe outta my room (yeah that's right...he slept ALONE that night) after he got my tootsies all bandaged up (I still keep them wrapped for protection until the nails get longer....yeah aint that great they're comin back in and nicely too!). While he was doing the bandaging SCsis came in to shoo him out. I told her he'd leave when my feet were done. He left for the night and darned if she didnt come in to double check...LOL (dang matron of honor natzi...)!! While she was there she took my dress and said she was getting up early to work on it. I told her fine, my alarm was set for 8pm...she said ok...mine's set for 7am. *shakes head*. I turned on my cd player (Yanni...great to sleep to) and fell asleep after 2 songs. I slept fairly well that night....with a whole kingsized bed to myself!

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