Saturday, August 16, 2008

Entry from July 26, 2006

I'd really kinda like to get a section done on this dress and not have to rip it out and do it over. I got the sides ripped out Monday night and ended up fashioning 6" panels for the sides (remember's important later). I got the panels installed on Monday night/ early Tuesday morning. They work like a dream. I have plenty of room in the hips and waist. Looks like I'll need to take it in a little in the back though. I may just say fuggitoll and leave it though. The one error I cant just leave is up in the top of the dress. You see, I have a long torso and really should have adjusted the pattern prior to cutting and didnt because I had no clue how much room I needed. So now the top part of the dress rides a tad too high and if I pull it down to where the curves *SHOULD* fall, then the shoulder seams end up in the front of the dress by a full 1.5". Top things all off, I'll end up with this really deep neckline. Although Im sure Babe wont mind, ummm I dont wanna scare others off...not to mention it made me feel uncomfortable. Looks like Im going to need to turn it inside out and re-pin those front seams so the curves drop to where they belong (you still remember those panels, right?...Good).

So last night I got the neckline done. *LAFFZ* I was pinning it together while I was watching Rockstar Supernova and got so distracted watching (ok ok...I can blame it on Gilby Clark right? He's distracting for the same reason my Babe is...dark hair and lighter eyes!) that I pinned it wrong and had to take it apart and start over again. I re-pinned and sewed the neckline. Afterwards I hand-basted the arm holes and slip stitched the liner to the zipper in back. I figured, since I had the get up and go I'd at least get the sleeves assembled, if not attached to the dress. I sewed the seams and was in the process of pinning the liner to the sleeves (infact I had one liner pinned in already) when I had the nagging feeling that I should slip the one sleeve on and pull it up to about where it should fall. Ok, straight up, girlfriend here has some really meaty arms. Mom always said I was built like a full back (her friends would tell her she was being mean....until I came in and met them and they saw she wasnt kidding). I'm wide across the front and back and have a set of shoulders on me. My arms are still built for the heavy labor I once did, just not toned like they were back then. Needless to say, the sleeve was tight right up and in the bicep. Is anyone surprised? Im not (you still remember those panels right, good). Seems I forgot that one rule in sewing...if you adjust one need to adjust the rest of the areas. Ok everyone....1...............2......................3....... say it, I know ya can........D'OH!

Dammit....Im too stubborn to let this dress get the better of me though. So this morning while I was getting my fix of an old Perry Mason tv program, I ripped out all 4 seams and cut out 4 - 6" panels to go into the sleeves. I got them all pinned too while I was at it. Wasnt about to sew them in at that point though as I was too tired to deal with the sewing machine.

After I was done pinning (and yes I checked to make sure the stuff was pinned wrong side to wrong side like it needed to be!), I started making for ceremony and reception, music for after the 'rents leave (when it'll be just me, Babe and my matron of honor n her hubby), what needs to be packed and what still needs doing. Some stuff on the list I *HOPE* is done but I need to check with Babe. Some of it's stuff I gotta pick up this week at the latest....some of it's calls and emails. We have lots to do but it doesnt look like much of it should be too time consuming (*crosses fingers*)...but with the way this dress is going I think I wanna get half this list done this week while Babe's off work!

Well I best scoot. I think I wanna work on some of this music I need to go through and later sew those sleeves. I may as well as this is his first day off and I *KNOW* he'll sleep til at least midnight or 1am (and then wonder why he cant sleep when he's supposed to). Better yet I think I may get his funky butt outta bed around 9pm like it or not!

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