Monday, August 18, 2008

Entry from March 19,2007

As promised, here's a picture of those projects I was working on. Mind you, this is a first attempt at this type of project so they're not nearly as good as they could be with practice. I didnt like how the pink on turned out as they had a dark red as the outlining color (which turned out to be an awful shade of brown in reality) had no "POP" to the picture like the purple did so I took some black left over from another project and re-outlined the pink butterflies. I think it looks better. I was going to put them in the guest room, but that room's a wreck right now and if I put them there they wont get showed off so I think I'll have hubby put them up in the office in my corner. Sometime today I plan on starting a new project. I have a couple lighthouses I need to paint for Christmas gifts, so I think I'll get them done and out of the way.

Got the strangest email from a friend the other day. I noticed that she'd mentioned the kids, herself and an ex but not the hubby. This of course threw huge red flags up so I asked her to drop a line so I knew when was best to call. She wrote back with a time and told me of all the people she knew, I'd understand best what was going on. Yet another red flag went up and I had a hunch I knew what would be discussed. God I hate when Im right. Anyone who knows my whole story knows what Im talking about. Those that dont, ask me in email and I'll send you a link so you can get most of my background (I still gotta finish that blog too...maybe I should do that instead today). It saddens me because I'd thought things were so damn perfect in her life but as I look back I see all the signs....the same ones I faced for over 10 years. Signs I didnt see because I was facing my own troubles at the time and then when my troubles mostly left, I was so far away and never noticed. I sit here looking at this photo of her and the kids and her spouse and I see the unhappiness there. Man I wish Id called her when I got that photo. Maybe some of what's gone on could have been prevented.

Well I better scoot...I really need to get up from this chair and walk some before my hips lock up again.

*Picture mentioned is the one of those 2 butterfly crafts I did. One was in pink and the other in purple..the ones presently hanging in the hall downstairs.

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