Saturday, August 16, 2008

Entry from July 23, 2006

WOW! Break out the winter gear it only reached 80 degrees here so far today. I may actually have to put some real clothes on today LOL!! According to the dfwfox4 site we're supposed to have an increase in temperature overnight. Geee, here all this time I thought temps always went down overnight. The storm we were supposed to get yesterday never showed up and now they're calling for storms on Wednesday. Who we kidding, it never rains in Texas anymore.
About 30 minutes after my post last night, my Yahoo messanger started working but it wasnt until this mornin that MySpace started to work. I checked in and here's the official excuse:

Latest Update: 1:38 PM PST, Sun, Jul 23

hello everyone - so there was a power outage in LA yesterday. unfortunately it directly hit the data center where myspace's servers are located. lots of people were affected. the backup power failed and that's why myspace has been screwy since yesterday afternoon. we are still working to get everything back in order. i know what most of the problems are, it's just giong to take awhile to fix them. thx for your patience!

This sounds about right, but I dont have any contacts in LA to double check this. I do have to admit Tom's never lied yet about goings ons there.....yet somehow I still think he musta crossed a couple wires somewhere .

Got a call from mom today. Everyone's really excited about next month. I gotta drop a line to Babe's cousin as she'd promised to call me on the 12th...hmmm...and she hasnt so I better touch base with her. I'm still waitin on Babe's mom to call back on the cake estimate too...I hope she didnt forget she was gonna look into it for me. Next week I gotta call about the food and see which place will be best. Maybe I should ask his momma about the best place for food items as well...Food Lion or WalMart or Sam's Club. We're getting into crunch time now, but I still am not feeling too much pressure on this and havent really gotten into Bridezilla state yet (except that minor freakout I had a couple weeks ago...that dont count it was just dress rehearsal for the big one that I know is comin yet). Im working on gettin the music organized and in 2 weeks plan on gearing my stream to that type of music. It's long going through the music files (all 14,000+!) so if anyone has any ideas for songs please leave them in the comment section below this post...many thanks! I have about 20 picked out already but it's been hard because of so many different tastes in music being represented at this function (a few hate country...a few only listen to gospel and old country...etc). I think I'll be asking Babikins for a list too (hint hint as I KNOW ya reading this too hunny!!)...10-15 songs he'd like to hear and are appropriate for a wedding setting (I have a hunch some will overlap with what I have already...but hey whatchagonnado?). Once I get those choices ready I'll load them into the laptop and arrange the lists so all we gotta do is click n go. I also need to create the equivelant of 10 hours of music for afterwards (when us youngsters are still visitin and the 'rents have left for the night). I wont bother organizing them into a set list though, just load, mix and save. Maybe freak my friends out and load it with Def, Zep, Ozzy n Kiss...whatchathink?

Well I best go. It's cool enough to sew tonight for a change and I just *know* my TxSis is gonna ask in 2 days time how much I got done on it (for about the 50 bazillionth time... love ya anyway sissy). One of these days I'll have it finished and put her into shock by saying it's

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