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Entry from July 8, 2006

Boy, it's been a busy couple of days. Thursday I went to my podiatrist appointment. It actually went very well. He says the toes are healing nicely and that I should keep running them under the tub faucet but no need to soak them anymore. Im also allowed to wear my sneakers again! WHOOOHOO! For those of you that think this is no big deal, remember the softsided ones they gave me were outta the Herman Munster casual collection LOL. Im on regular bandaids and still having to use the Amerigel for the next 2-3 weeks or so. He says the scabs are likely to come off on their own in the I said "In otherwords, it's liable to be a big piece and dont freak?" to which he replied..."exactly". LOL ! Found out Im not the only one that has sensitivities to certain bandaid adhesives...he has the same problem. Just certain brands aggravate the skin and it gets all pink and looks like an infection, but really isnt. Oh well. Had him look at the left foot as it had been bothering me. He asked exactly where it was hurting and determined I have a bunion on that side. I was given orders to have my shoes stretched out a bit and to put some felt squares in the shoe to act as a buffer. Funny thing is, I wore my shoes (with no buffer) just fine yesterday (although my toes ached by day's end) and my foot didnt hurt much til I took them off and started running around the house barefoot as is per my usual. Im beginning to think I may just have to wrap it when Im barefoot or just wear my sneaks all the time (NOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Please say it aint so!!!). I have to go back in in 3 month's time....I think it's about a week or so after we return from our wedding travels.

Went to that LAN War thingy yesterday to visit with my brother. Alot of new games to try there and lots of samples. My Babe was in high heaven at this geekfest. Me, on the other hand...ummm....well it just wasnt my thing. It was too loud and not enough to occupy my attention. You should have seen the looks I got when I whipped out my Sudoku book and a pencil...LOL. Hey! At least I was doing SOMETHING geeky! They had things partitioned off...the side with the "ads" , samples and a tourney going on...and then the other side is what they called BYOC (bring your own computer). The BYOC side was the actual LAN War area. If you hadnt registered and had a special badge you couldnt get in. *sighz* Which means I had to cell phone my bro from the doorway. *LAFFFZ* He picked up his phone and said "you're bored ALREADY???" *gigglez* Well I was bored the minute I walked in to be honest...and I hadnt eaten since 10am and it was gettin to be our lunchtime so the headache was starting to come up. He said he'd be ready in about 45 I called his wife and she made him hurry his butt up...LOL. We all went to Bennigans for an early supper (early for them...late lunch for us..LOL) and had a great time. The kids are getting so big. I have always said there was no denying those kids are my brother's...infact my niece reminds me alot of pictures of myself at that age, although it's said she favors her mother alot at that age too. My nephew, on the other hand is all our side for sure! Some of his looks and that hair cut he's wearing is all Daddy. That boy DEFINITELY takes after his grandpa for sure (and I see alot of my bro in there as well). After supper we went up to their room. All I can say is Im so glad someone else was paying for this working vacation for them because they definitely werent getting their money's worth otherwise. There were 2 queens in the room and the room itself was positively closet-like. Oh granted it was decorated nicely, had a safe and 'net access....but dang it wasnt worth the asking rate for sure. I think they said that the charge was $150-200 (well worth the money for the room) a night BUT the list prices....daaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaang. The notice they had posted with the going rates....had the rooms listed in the THOUSANDS of dollars...yeah that's right...THOUSANDS. *shakes head* Nope I dont see it unless there's a whole LOT of extras (which I doubt).

We came home around 830 or 9pm Im guessing. We'd left around 730pm but had some stuff to pick up at the store on the way back. I got home and gosh almighty someone had actually missed us enough to leave a message...not only for me n my Babe...but left something nice for the dog and cat as well! LOL. Silly silly friends. Anyhow, I suspect it wasnt really me she wanted to talk to as she asked to talk to Babe privately. Hmmmmmmmmmmmmm. Ok...there's some things I hate almost as much as drs, needles and peeps messing with my feet :

01) Suprises in any shape or form. Unexpected is bad, but when I KNOW something's up it's worse. My brain goes into over-drive and I end up with migraines and an upset stomach. Top things off I wont sleep well til it's over. Not at all. So if ya think I have been a bitch lately, ya aint seen nothin yet.

02) Anything to do with my date of birth. To be honest, I havent done much with my life (other than that decade fiasco with that LOSER) and I really hate facing that Im another year older.
So after talkin to him she talks with me for a bit and told me that she wanted to ask him when it would be clear here. Well Im hopin she's kidding about the why she wanted to talk to him as I dont get into that type of event to be honest (aint gonna tell ya what it is...but let's just say I dont appreciate being embarrassed at all ...maybe I should add that to my list....maybe I should do a hate list next blog entry...) I laughed it off, but the more I thought about it, the more I didnt like the idea and nearly drove my Babe nuts all night long. Now I know he's not supposed to tell, and he hasnt told me what's going on, but he's had to assure me that what I was told was definitely not what was up (so if she was telling me the truth, she'll be makin him out to be a liar....dont think he'll be liking that too much ....and if ya thought I gave him grief last night , it'll be far FAR worse for him if it does go down).

Needless to say, I didnt sleep well with that riding on my mind. Top things all off my left leg cramped not once but TWICE this morning. The first time it hurt so bad and I screamed so loud that Im surprised the neighbors didnt call the police because it surely sounded like I was being beat down. Surprisingly, Babe slept through it all....or at least seemingly did. I had to get up and walk it off. No sooner I was asleep than the leg cramped the second time. This shocks me because usually if I have a banana before bed this doesnt happen. I may have to try another form of potassium and see if this helps. If it keeps up, I'll bring it to the attention of my dr when I go in for bloodwork at the end of the month. I am hopin I have it fixed though as I had had pillows at the foot of the bed to prop my feet up on when I was recouping, and Im wondering if it wasnt just the body's way of sayin that the pillows were no longer needed. We'll see how tonite's sleep goes before I make any decisions.

Got a call this morning from my matron of honor (SoCaroSis) to let me know she's ordered the dress and she made sure to take the swatch to the shop to make sure the color would match. I had originally chosen the color apple because on my monitor it looked to be close to the color I wanted...well turns out it was a whole lot more red than I was looking for. Turns out the color wine (which showed up more purply on the monitor) was closer to the color sample I sent her. She said she had trouble because the style we'd picked out wasnt sold anymore (of course) and every damn dress in there was sleeveless....closest thing to sleeves was spaghetti straps. *UGH* Thankfully, for a bit extra she could have sleeves added to it. She was unhappy about having to pay the extra for the sleeves for, as she put it, it wasnt HER fault they didnt have a sleeved dress selection. It wasnt as though they had a small selection and she just didnt like them, they simply didnt sell them with sleeves. How foolish of them. Not EVERYONE likes their arms and as such the dress shops should have at least a small selection with sleeves on them....or two piece sets (dress with a short sleeve jacket or something).

I think that's about it for now. Babe's reworking his computer and he's under orders to not mess with mine until next week on Wednesday and that it darn well better be in working order before Saturday's stream time! Am proofing my tunes for today. Im doing it the lazy way this week as there wasnt much new stuff at all so I shoved all the tunes into WinAmp and mixed em up real well. Taking out a few songs here n there that I dont wanna hear....alot I forgot I had. Does this shock you? It does me....NOT !!!

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