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Entry from August 5, 2006

Updates and a Bridezilla moment:
I meant to do a post a couple days ago....but I got too lazy to deal with it (besides I figured everyone was tire of hearing me bitch about the DFH aka the Dress From Hell). I figure I can get one done while Im proofing my stream for today. I was reading the blog of a friend and she'd mentioned the length of her entry. I laffed as what she deemed as a long entry is a normal sized one for me! Well, so..., I got alot to talk about (actually, honestly I just dont know when to shuddup..LOL).

This last week's been busy. Saturday I had an errand that needed running, but of course it was one of those errands that required a trip to at least 3 shops AND the fact Babe and I are on a night schedule (which means we wake around 3pm at the earliest and no getting up earlier doesnt help it just makes me bitchy) AND the fact I knew he'd want to go to supper sometime while we were out AND I wasnt sure if I was going to need to hit David's Bridal for an emergency dress...I felt it was in everyone's best interest to write in for stream coverage. Last week I had gotten my dress (oh no the DFH again!) put together to a point and discovered it was much too big. I ended up ripping out the shoulder section and pulling everything up 1 full inch. Once I got it put back together, it was still a bit big but it'll do. At least the neckline doesnt look like it's about to fall to my bellybutton. Now all I gotta do is tweak up near the top and hem, but I cant do that until that item I was out shopping for comes in. They didnt have my size and had to order it. I was told it would be in at the end of this week, but here it is mid-afternoon on Saturday and I aint had a call yet. Let's just say Im an unhappy camper right now as I've had to put off that dress this week and I'd much rather get it done and over with (as Im sure everyone else will be happy when it's done too...).

Tuesday I called Babe's cousin to find out about the flowers. Poor gal thought she'd answered my email asking about them a few days prior.LOL. I told her she's the boss...whatever she thinks is necessary to decorate with to just go ahead and make it. She'll be making a garland to go over the top of the sliding glass door to hide the top of the curtain. I think she mentioned a few centerpieces as well. Im just grateful it's one less thing I have to worry about. More than likely, this is why I am not spazzing out at this point.

Thursday I had a doctor's appointment. It was 3 months since my last one and time to go in and play with the vampires again. The doctor is rechecking the thyroid to see if it's still low. Im betting she finds it irregular again. This will be a tremendous relief to me if it comes back abnormal. Now I see some of you scratching your heads wondering WHY in God's green earth I'd want a problem found. Well, if they find a problem with'll explain many of my medical problems. Yes, my weight will still be partially my fault, but not completely and something else wont be all stress (as I havent been overly stressed in awhile and it's still not working right). If it comes back clean then the weight's all my fault and as for the other (which hasnt been working correctly most my life)...well I'm f**ked. The dr and I decided that since we dont know what the thyroid's doing that it may be in my best interest to go back on the Junel til everything's working correctly. This means no kids until at least next year *sighz*. On the good news, I've dropped another 4 pounds for a total of 10 gone since I started with this doctor. Not exactly the fastest weight loss, but it's loss nonetheless. I was afraid I would have picked some up after that surgery in May. On a slight downswing, my BP was at 120/90. A little higher than normal but the nurse figured it was because I was rushing (and I was) and I attributed it to the fact it was afternoon and not the early morning like usual (possibly I run a bit faster in the afternoons). It wasnt anything we needed to worry about though. It's still a good number for someone that weighs 288.

After the dr's appointment, Babe took me out to Spaghetti Warehouse for my birthday dinner. This was a surprise because he isnt overly fond of pasta and is even less fond of tomato sauce (he's a meat n taters dude). I had the lasagne.....maaaaaaaaaaan was it good! I used to make a real good lasagne (learned it from my now ex's mom...she's more than half Italian)...well real good considering I didnt have a lick of Italian in me. I make it with several layers, beef, sausage, mozzarella and the ricotta. MMMMMMMMM. Needless to say the way I make it isnt exactly cheap....especially if there's someone in the house that wont eat it. When I make it there's enough for 6 big eaters, 2 light eaters (and the light eaters inveribly go back for seconds) AND I have enough for 2 meals the next day. Sufficient enough to say I havent made the dish in at least 3 years (longer because while I was in Pa money was so damn tight I couldnt afford it). My GOD this was as good as the lasagne I make. My Babe had steak n spaghetti...actually all he ate was the steak and brought the spaghetti home for me to eat. LOL. He ordered it and told them to go light on the sauce *HOWWLZ*. As the waitress walked away I told him "Hon...Italians consider grated cheese a spice and Ragu a beverage!" LOL When his plate came it just verified what I said because there was way too much sauce on it for him to enjoy it.
Ah well.

Went into chat Weds and Thurs and my Texsis played the song Happy Birthday for me (thanks you're so damn sweet!). On Thursday the damn phone rang off the hook and I had to keep leaving chat (well everyone's entitled to be popular one day of the year!). My SCsis called and kept me hostage for 2 hours...the phone call was like a Seinfeld episode (ya was a show about nothing..LOL). After her it was my mil2b (mother in love to be) and we talked about 15 minutes or so. I reminded my mil that she was going to call on the wedding cake for me...good thing too because she'd not understood that I had given her the go ahead to do so when we talked the time before. Im supposed to call her back Monday or so to find out if she was able to swing it.

Today is August 5th and the deadline for the RSVP cards. Only HALF bothered to send the cards back. Personally, I find this rude especially when the person sending the cards has taken the extra step to send a self address STAMPED envelope (which means time AND money has been spent to get the cards sent back no matter if it's a yes or no). Now two of them I talk to 1-2 times a week and I pretty much know what the answer is going to be. I've heard from family that a couple are planning to show up....yet I havent gotten their RSVP. When the mil2b called she mentioned that an uncle was planning on which I answered..."gee, he never sent his card yet. Now I assumed on you and daddy because daddy is Babe's bestman, but I cant be assuming on everyone." I hope the point was gotten. Anyhow, I divided up the "Still Out" index cards down and gave Babe his half and told him to deal with them I wanted definite answers even if he has to email his sister and ask her to find out for sure. Mine will all be getting an email later today asking for confirmation (even the two I talk to on a regular basis) so I can get the counts final. I dont know why Im bothering though. I should just count them all as no, put a list at the door with the RSVPs and anyone that shows up that didnt bother the courtesy of RSVPing have their asses tossed out (why be courteous to them when I wasnt extended the same courtesy?). *has a Bridezilla moment* All Im saying it's common courtesy ya know? Even this couple whom I havent talked to in years managed to send it back and theirs had to be forwarded to their new address! *sighz* I know...just shup.

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