Friday, August 15, 2008

Entry from April 23, 2006

Goodness what a week this has been. Monday I went to the doctors and we discussed a few of my plethora of problems. Got the refill for my allergy stuff and a 'script for my toes, but I told ya'll that already. We've been fightin most the week on that one medicine as the insurance doesnt want to have to pay for it...not that I blame them any. The dr's office called me on Wednesday and told me they'd called the insurance to approve it and that they were told 24-48 hours for the insurance to decide *insert eyeroll here*. So I called on Thursday (hour 24) and still I call Friday (going into hour 48) and still nothing. I called YESTERDAY (more than 48 hours out) figuring *maybe* they called just before the pharmacy closed...and STILL no. This means Im 1 week out now and no meds for these toes of mine. Im going to call the dr's later and leave a message that they need to call me tomorrow regarding this and see if they'll light a fire or recommend something the insurance WILL cover. While I have her on the phone I may as well ask about the bloodwork that was done. Im sure if my sugar was over the top or the cholesterol was out of control I would have been called and told to get my butt into the hospital, but Im beginning to wonder about that too.

Called my gramma on Friday to check on her. She's sounding chipper. The port's in and healing around it nicely so they can take the next steps. The doctors are still in shock that this hit her as fast as it did....and with no symptoms. I got a clarification on where all it hit and the kidneys werent one of the places...but the lymph nodes were. First the lungs, then the lymphs and then liver is how it progressed. I found out in this conversation that lung cancer is how my grampa (her hubby that died before I was born) passed on. This is good to know and I'll be sure to pass it on to my doctor next month when I go in for a check up and to play with the "vampires" LOL.
Ok this is day one of Babe's new schedule and Im hatin it. He's gotta work today, tomorrow and Tuesday. The poor honey's gonna be SOOOOOOOOO tired come Wednesday. This month it's days...and then the two months after is supposed to be nights. Now THAT'S gonna be a killer. He heard that perhaps this wont be a permenant change and maybe he'd be comin back to the schedule we're used to. I hope so as it's so much easier to get in for appointments and such on Mondays and Tuesdays than it is later in the week. Not sure what Im goin to do today. Im thinking working on some of these favors. I got dishes that need doing maybe those instead.

Gotta call my best bud in SC today or maybe tomorrow and do some work on the wedding as well. Im thinkin of putting her in charge of the party supplies and food. Im also considering asking her if she has a very close friend that wants to earn a few dollars for a few hours work. This way we can buy the food and someone responsible will be there to handle making sure its filled and soda's still being filled. It'd be cheaper than a caterer. I still need to make a decision on the dj....$1200 is still very pricey. Hmmm I need to think on that. I want someone else handlin the tunes so my guests dont have to, but I also dont want to be in hock over it. We did get the minister booked that's good.

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