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Entry from May 23,2007

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Wednesday, May 23, 2007
The anticlimatic 2

Before I get into my entry Im going to say a few things:
01) No matter how I feel about last night's show and this year's competition (yes I know Ive done nothing but bitch this season), I still say each one of them were very deserving of being on that stage (yes, even Sanjaya). It took bigger balls than I have to even attempt what they've done and to be honest...even if I was young enough I could NEVER have gotten as far as they all did. Period.

02) Due to the time constraints placed upon the contestants, we never see their full potential until well after the show. We know this is true IF we are the lucky few that manage to dig up the contestant's prior work (you know the stuff they had more than 24 hours to work on).

03) I was right from day one.

You're probably wondering why I said I was right. Well I was right on alot of things. Just go back and double check my blog entries. I called it that Sanjaya wouldnt get to the Top way back in February. Oh granted he made Top 10 but he didnt go all the way. I called it on Chris Sligh saying he'd make Top 10 in that very same blog entry (02/21/07 if you want to check). In the 02/22/07 entry (there's 2 entries that day so you have to scroll a little to get to where I said it), I called it as the year of the African-American female. Granted my pick wasnt the one who will be crowned tonight, but I did have gender AND race correct.

The competition *FINALLY* started!
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Wednesday night the competition *FINALLY* started. I dont know WTF they showed on Tuesday but the real singers took the stage last night. I've been calling it an African American year and last night proved to me it's also going to be the year of the "sista"....unless something scandalous happens to every last one of them, which I very highly doubt.

That all said, here's what I thought of last night. *PBBBBBBBBBBBBBBBT* I could have not watched a lick of it, come in on the last 5 minutes when they reviewed the highlights and called the show. Most disappointing was they didnt include a number for Chris because that's where all the votes should have gone last night. Blake didnt even have a chance against Jordin last night. Simon said she wiped the stage with him but damn she did more than that. She mopped the stage, waxed it and then added an extra layer of polyurethane to make it all shiny. Even if he'd switched up the order of his songs he didnt have a chance. Not only did she outsing him, but that friggin coronation song was practically written for her anyhow. The only way last night would have been even the LEAST bit interesting (the voting would have been closer and more nail biting for the fans for sure) would have been if Melinda had been up there. The only reason he even made it to the final 2 is because Melinda and Jordin split votes and he slipped through (no hatin...this is my personal opinion). Top things all off, not only did he squeak by, but he couldnt even garner the winning vote in his homestate. Check out geopredictions, predicted winner if you dont believe me.

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