Saturday, August 16, 2008

Entry from Aug 19,2006

final entry until September....and a Murphey's Law moment

I'm going to guess that this will be my last entry until we get back home as my sweetie-pie's folks dont have 'net access in their house and Lord KNOWS when I'll actually get back online again.Well I got the dress hemmed. Actually to be honest I only have the outer layer hemmed. I think Im gonna say :P~~~ on the liner... just cut it shorter and leave it. Could always do it the redneck way and either staple or duct tape one will notice anyhow! LOL. Knowing me, however, I'll end up hemming the liner up anyhow while at his folks' house. I have a feeling I'll need some alone time anyhow....and NOT cuz of his daddy either. Besides that hem will be easy....just pin up to whatever level and whip long as it dont hang past the hem of the dress I'll be happy.

Hey did you know that Murph E. Law had a dress fettish? He must because he's been hovering over the DFH for weeks now! Seems I've done what I always manage to do when I get into a project such as the DFH....I get so consumed with the project that I lost weight. I put the DFH on tonight and damn near swam in it. I had added the panels prior to give myself a little extra room (because it was too tight) and low and behold....I think they can almost come right back out again. *Sighz* I've lost 7 pounds or so since I started this. I think I can keep it zipped and pull it right over my head now. Worse yet, I cant sit in it because then the bustier plays peekiboo over the neckline. This dress WILL NOT DEFEAT ME! I'll find a way to make it work...even if it means bringing my sewing machine and having my matron of honor help me the night before the wedding.

Well I better go. We gotta take the girls in to the "spa" (aka vet's) this morning around 9am or so...which means I can get a 5 hour nap in before I have to be up and going again. *HUGZ* Now fair behaving while Im gone LOL!

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