Friday, August 15, 2008

Entry from April 25, 2006

Been fightin this whole damn week to get the medicine for my toes and to find out today that the dr office hadnt really followed proper procedures..sheeeesh (insert huge eye roll here). Yesterday I called the pharmacy and no surprise no authorization from the insurance company to fill the meds so no meds. I called the dr's and left a message in the mornin. Called back in the afternoon when I wasnt called back and talked to an actual person who took a message and said they'd get it to the dr. Around 7pm or so I called the pharmacy hoping they got it all straightened out and guess what? They DIDNT! No surprise there. So the pharmacy faxed some paperwork to the doctor for me and I've been called twice already today by the doctor's office. My doctor isnt in so they ran it by one of the others in the group and d/l an authorization form from the insurance company and D'OH! they shoulda sent a sample of the problem in (funny...I didnt SEE any blondes workin there! ) and could I possibly come in? Well no not today, my hubby aint home and I have no way there right now. So now I have another appointment for tomorrow morning which means no food or drink from midnight til afterwards *ugh*. I hate drs....really despise going to them....but Im tired of being on Advil to kill the pain.

Had a streamer from another site ask me to make a banner for her. When I heard which site my first reaction was HELL NO I dont want my work there at all. So she and I talked yesterday and I told her *IF* the owner came to me and worked out the problems we have between us (mostly my hurt and I needed closure on some issues and have my viewpoint stated). Well, within 10 seconds of me tellin her she went to the site boss and told her to fix whatever she broke with me...LOL! A few short moments later my MSN is beepin with the site boss wantin to talk.....funny I'd been on MSN all day and for several days she could see me just fine there and it took a swift kick in the ass to get her to do the right thing. Anyhow we had a nice talk and I told her what was on my mind and why I had said what I did. I kinda expected her to ask why this had anything to do with makin banners for a streamer....she never did. My view is, if I've made a banner for someone and they submit it to a becomes property of the streamer and the site. As such, I didnt want my work to be associated with that site. Now, I know for a fact the owner still has some of my work and has been using it but danggit I wasnt gonna add to the collection without havin my voice heard. We've come to an understanding and she realizes that the trust has been shattered and it's going to take a helluva lot of work to get it back again and Im sure she realizes that if the trust is broken again it'll be the end of any chance of regainin my friendship. As it stands, I will be makin banners for her site...but I told her MY SITE comes FIRST. She laffed at me and called me a real hard-ass...I told her she could thank my ex for that...LOL. After we talked....Id say maybe 30 minutes or so....I got the oddest MSN message from a friend of mine. Normally he dont say to much to me, but he asked me if I was still talkin to and friends with a certain someone (who happens to be the site manager I just happened to have been talkin to). Well I answered his question with an "we have an understanding...yadda yadda". I just found it really really odd on the timin, which makes me wonder how much of that convo got out again. Shouldnt surprise me....shouldnt surprise me at all.

Am about half done with the favors. I ran outta gold leafing yesterday and still have 6 more to go...*grumblez*. Once they're all gold leafed, Im going to put sealer and some gold glitter to fill out the spots where the leafing didnt catch well. As I was getting my craft table ready for this project (I've been gold leafing at the desk so I can chat and work at same time but damn if I'm gonna work the glitter at the puter and get it everywhere), I finished up the gift basket I made for my matron of honor. I had gotten a wicker basket and lightly spray painted it lightly it looks white but you can still see some of the original color in it. Then I took a gold braid and wrapped it around the handle and fastened it with a couple knots...this way if she wants to remove it, it'll come off easily. Then I took some maroon "picks" (small group of flowers that come bundled in a dozen flowers per pick) and separated em out. I took each flower from the pick and wove the stem into the rim of the basket so the bloom is on the rim and the stem (which is thankfully white) is woven down the side and fastened near the bottom. I took the balance of the flowers (there were like about 6 left over) and weeded them into the handle. I then filled it with most of a bath set I had bought at Big Lots. It had lotion, bath gel, bath beads and a bath pouffie ( I kept the hat box and the terry headband...she got no use for stuff that says bride on Im thinking Im going to grab 4 nice white or maybe ivory wash cloths to fill out the basket some. It turned out soooooo pretty. I'll post the picture next entry.

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