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Entry from Sept 7,2006

The rest of the trip

Im going to try and cram the rest of the trip into this last blog entry as I feel the story's gone on long enough. Lemme introduce you to my honeymoon. She's a 1976 Gran Torino in nearly mint condition* . So nearly mint that the ciggie light hadnt been used until my hubby had to light one up. She was bought new and driven *maybe* a total of 3 yrs by his granny and then parked for a while. She was driven for 3 months by hubby's dad and then parked. Tori's** been in storage all this time, hidden away from the elements and eyes that would appreciate her true beauty. This gal is the reason I had no honeymoon. You see, all that sitting around doesnt do a car justice and messes up the carburator (sp?) somethin fierce.

Sunday morning I was up before everyone else because I was expecting company. My friends from Pa were dropping by for a short visit and I was going to hand over a bunch of the luncheon meat because we'd planned for 35 or so and only 21 showed hardly anyone ate....which really sucked big time winkie. As people slowly woke up we worked at packing and cleaning up the mess. My parents called and said there was a change of plans (we were to meet them for brunch at noon) and that they'd be in IHOP's on the main drag at 11am. I told them I was expecting company around 1030-1100 am and I'd be there as soon as I could. Well mommy called back and said IHOP's was full with a 90 minute wait (ummm this is Biblebelt country and it was between services at the churches so yeah it was busy..)and they were going elsewhere and would call when they get there. They called back 10 minutes later and said where they were and I told them my company still hadnt shown but if they werent there by 1130am I would just leave and meet my family at the restaurant. Minutes ticked by and damn if my friends didnt show up at 1130am. *sighz* She was so happy ...said she'd thought they'd missed us and when did we have to leave? I told her I had like 30 seconds as I was headed out the door. I managed to squeeze a 15-20 minute visit for them but told them my family was waiting and we'd been expected around 11am so I really had to go. We got them loaded up with food, cake and drinks (they had a 13 hr drive with 2 small kids). Then we all left...except the friend from NY...he wasnt done packing he was going to lock up for us. By the time we reached the restaurant, the restaurant was closed (they close at noon...go figure) and my family was out front waiting on us. *WHEW* Spent a little time with them and gramma gave me one last little gift...her GOG with PIP book (Goofy Ole Gramma with Pictures in Purse) filled with pictures of when I was really little. I'll get them scanned this week sometime and stick them in my Yahoo pix area. Anyhow, my bro and sil had to leave because they had a long drive back to Indiana and Gramma had a flight to catch and Mommy n Daddy were following my bro back to his house. We all left and hubby n I went back to his folks' house. I was hoping for just one night there. On the way the car acted up. We'd been hoping to get all the way to Texas and THEN do a tune-up but it looked like this wasnt going to be the case...nope not at all. Of course my first thoughts were "why the HELL wasnt this car put in the shop BEFORE we got to TN!???!" I mean it makes sense right? Someone is comin to pick up a vehicle that's been stored for years and years and years...what's the first thing you do? You drive it around and check it out , then send it to the shop for a once over. Simple right? Needless to say this hadnt happened. Ok so it's been giving us fits off n on during the week and the bride to be suggests keeping the rental and leaving the antique to be looked at in a we do this? Nope. By the time we got back to his folks, he and his father looked at it again and tried something else to fix it. Seemingly it was going well so I figure maybe we can leave the next day. Before leaving for the cabin, I'd left a change of clothes so we didnt need to bring in anything but the black tote with our medicines and HBA in it. Slept pretty well and was up at the crack of dawn (ok so crack of dawn is like 730am for me) and getting ready for breakfast. I was starting with hives again so I was really eager to get going. After breakfast and a bit of a visit, we headed over to his gramma's place for a visit and were gonna leave from there. The car was running pretty nicely so we had no worries. After visiting with gramma and his uncle, we ran to the post office to mail the marriage papers. guessed it. The damn car acted up. Shit it acted up before we left gramma's. *NODZ* yep another trip back to his folks'. Im feeling very antisocial and feeling like Im never gonna escape this place and I aint likin it no way no how! As they all sat trying to figure what to do I re-iterated my view on it. It was decided that maybe the car should be put in the shop and looked at. *raises an eyebrow...and no I didnt say it* I did, however, say that I needed quality alone time TO-NITE! Period. Exclamation point! No IFS , ANDS NOR BUTS about it. Let's just didnt go with us to the garage and I was itching the whole way there. My nerves were so damn shot. The mechanic looked at it and said that he'd need to deal with it the next day as the shop closes at 4pm (and it was 355pm...). I looked at my hubby and he told me "We're going to a hotel dont worry". We ended up in a Holiday Inn Express (gee I feel smarter...LOL). I waited in the car with his dad ...he came out and asked me if I wanted a jacuzzi or if a whirlpool tub would do. I told him...the bigger jacuzzi could wait til the next night when we were halfway home and I expected 2 nights in a fine hotel because of this. He got us checked in and thank goodness we were on the ground floor. The room was beautiful...AND it had net access so I could check my email WHOOOHOOO!! That night we ate at Ryans and had a wonderful sleep in a nice bed ALONE. Next day we waited on his father to call about the car. It was getting later and later so he told the front desk we needed a late check out. They said fine. When we still hadnt heard from his folks he called them. Seems there was a mix up and dad thought hubby was gonna call him! *shakes head* Well they decided to pick us up for lunch and hubby let the front desk know we may or may not need the room and they said ok. We went to lunch with his folks and damn if I didnt start itching again. *ugh* Hubby and dad were going to go to the shop and check on the car so they asked what we wanted to do. I opted for malling it just because I NEEDED to get my mind off things for a bit and a good shopping trip helps sometimes. Praise God when we got in and mom realized my shopping style...she said that her and her daughter always ended up getting separated and there was a spot farther down the mall where they'd meet afterwards...that way she wouldnt slow me down any. *whew* That was good because I was already done in that shop and was ready to move on (am beginning to think mom figured out why I was so itchy and cranky too and figured I really needed to be by myself for a bit...either that or I offended her with the "I need alone time NOW!" bit I did the day before). So I ended up buying 4 tees in the shop. A black muscle shirt and a blue tee that said "Im a Keeper" for hubby. I bought 2 for me...a pink one with a turtle that says "It's all about me, deal with it" and a white one that says in red "WARNING I have and attitude and know how to use it". Then I went into Bed, Bath and Beyond and got a deal. Buy 3 and get one free and on my favorite fragrance too...Moonlight Path. I bought 2 creamy shower gels, a clear bath gel and a scented spritzer. I stopped in a game store and bought a board game called Bunko (not sure on the name at the moment). I met up with his mom and she said the guys were back and that my hubby was going to see if he could check out from the hotel. Well, hubby got back and we could leave BUT we'd still get charged because the housekeepers were off duty and there was no one to make up the room so it could be rerented. *sighz* So we were stuck another night. Well at least we were alone and not in his folks' house. No offense but I was pretty much visited out on the inlaws. What I didnt know is this meant there'd be no other stops til we got back to Texas. We got up Wednesday morning and left after breakfast. The room ran $80+ a night and the car had cost us a bit over $100 (the carb had to be removed, disassembled, cleaned, reassembled and re-installed). I was very unhappy. Ended up crying part the way home because I was so damn miserable and I was so looking forward to the 2 of us being pampered a little...even if only for a couple days. We ended up driving straight home and were in around 1130pm- midnight. I've been promised a nice 4 day weekend somewhere. Im hoping it shows up sometime the end of the month or mid next month.

*picture of said Torino had been leading this entry
** the car, umm, not the Blogger...LOL

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