Saturday, August 16, 2008

Entry from August 8, 2006

Not much has gone on the last couple days. Just cant seem to get myself motivated *again*. I really hate when I keep facing setbacks because they ALWAYS do this to me. I dont know if it's considered a mild form of depression or what, all I know is that I get to the point I dont want to do anything.

I got a call from Babe's cousin the other night and it sounds like she's making some progress on the flowers. She says that she's not too far off our proposed route and was wondering if we wanted to swing by so I could look the flowers over and possibly pick them up if they're done (if not she'd ship to his Mom n Dad's house). I told her I'd talk to him and see if it would be possible.
I think I made a few people out there feel guilty as after my last post I ended up with one panicked comment (and she tore her house apart too...poor gal) and one "but I told you" one. Yes, I know about the "but I told you" and had already accounted for hers and as for the panicked one...I knew the answer there as well. As long as I had a definite no out of your mouth, I wasnt fussing about you. It's the ones who didnt bother to say no (even though I was able to guess accurately anyhow) and the ones on his side of the family. Oh how I hate guessing games.So I dropped the email (and if you didnt get the email then you dont need to worry at this point) and had all of my responses back by Monday. Now all I have to wait on are the ones that were in his stack *taps foot impatiently* ( I better write him a note to remind him as it's doubtful he'll read this by tomorrow anyhow...).

I need to call on the food this week and before I can do that I have to call his mom regarding the cake. If she's forgotten I think I'll tell her nevermind. I really have no time to be waiting on people to have them forget at this late moment. I have to call that shop too because I havent had a call regarding my order (even though I emailled them Saturday night asking for a follow up on it). Im about to just find a way to make it all work without their product if they cant be bothered to follow up on things. Like I said before...I dont have the time nor patience for this right now.
About the only thing I accomplished tonight is my hair. I went ahead and colored it....and it didnt turn out like I wanted. I have a hunch the first time I used it my hair was a lighter color due to the sun to start out with (I was outside a good 4 days a week most of the day at that time) and so ended up that nice golden brown shade I liked. However, the last 2 times I colored it the hair turned out as a copper penny. NOT the color I wanted (the same shade that's in the one pic of me I send out...the one with me in a brown shirt sitting on a sofa). I have a hunch that since I dont get out as often (like 1 time a week and in the evening hours now) and my hair is a darker brown that's what caused this color. At least it didnt turn pink or some other God awful shade (pea soup anyone?).

Im going through my music this week and hope to finish up the last nearly 400 hours of it. As I come up to a song that's appropriate to be played at a wedding Im writing it on a list and with any luck have the files copied over to my laptop by the beginning of next week. I'll be using the list to make my playlist for this week's stream. I figure with the time I've put into this, I probably wont have time to dl new tunes for the week anyhow. *laffz* Poor Poppajoe had a near stroke when I said that I'd be out for 3 weeks during that time. On the 17th we'll be travelling and not in town and on the 26th is my wedding. By the time we get back the following week I may be to bushed to stream so I told him yeah 3 weeks. It's highly likely I may drag my butt in anyhow, but I wouldnt count on it.

Well, I think Im gonna scoot. I want to get at least another 100-150 hours knocked outta these files tonight before Perry Mason comes on tv. While Im at it I better check into my MySpace ( ) area and see if I have any messages and maybe actually dig out that diary of mine and start getting it typed into the computer so I can copy and paste it into my other blog (What? You didnt notice that other ladystyx nick in my 360? Shame on you. LOL). It's got a new look and I'm going to be jumping ahead to the diary because I have a bad feeling I'll never get to it unless I do it now.

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