Monday, August 18, 2008

Entry from Feb 25, 2007

Damn...What a night we had here! The news had been calling for this huge storm in my area all week. It was supposed to rain a bit on Friday night and get really bad by Saturday lasting til midafternoon. Thankfully it was supposed to move through before my streamtime. This wasnt the case. We planned our shopping for early afternoon just incase the morning was bad. Well it was fairly nice all morning and so mid- morning (around 10am or so) hubby and I went out shopping so I could get a dress to wear to gramma's internment in May up in NY. As we were on our way home, the winds whipped up bad enough to rock the car a bit. For those who dont know, we have a 1976 Gran Torino we've been driving in. This car is as big width and length as a fullsize pickup truck. It's lower to the ground and very heavy....yet the winds were enough to rock it while we were driving. We pulled in and I got out so he could pull it up into the garage (no room for me to get out in the garage so I get out as he's opening the garage up) and I swore the wind was going to rip the awning off my back porch. No sooner I get in the house than the phone's ringing and my TxSis is asking if I have power. She was telling me how they lost their power and only way to call anyone was to use her cell (thank God we have a corded phone plugged in in case of emergency!). This told me I needed to get the candles ready and the emergency radio because it was going to be a long night. Last thing I heard last night is that around 90,000 people had lost their power, trees were down and powerlines were down in several areas. The visibility on the roads was down to a half-mile at best. The skies...looked browner and yellower than that pic up there. Turns out it was nothing but highwinds (between 50-60 mph in most areas) and a helluva lotta dirt n dust kicked up. Nothing more. And that rain? Just blew right over us...not a drop hit. Thankfully we still have a roof. I wish I could say the same for the dude down the road....his shingles were barely hanging on when we went by to get home and the winds got stronger after that so I can imagine the mess HE has.

Friday night hubby took me out to supper. I think he kinda felt bad that I was so damn sick on Valentines Day. We went to Applebees as we hadnt been there in a long time. Afterwards, I drug his butt to Khols to take a better look at that dress I saw when I was out with TxSis that Sunday. I liked the fact it was a little stretchy and if I gained a little weight, it'd still fit. What I wasnt so fond of was the cut. I thought it made me look like a Warren Street Executive (yeah...I see Gary laughing because he KNOWS what Im talkin about!!). The only way I could forsee me wearing that dress is with a lacy cami underneath. *sigh* I did manage to walk out of Khols with a pair of pants (which is also what I went in for) and a nice top.

So when we got home that night I went online and found a few I liked at JCPenneys. This is where we'd gone out to on Saturday before the weather got hellacious on us. Saturday at Penneys I couldnt find the dress I was wanting and I didnt like any that they had on the racks (what the hell...these peeps got a thing against sleeves?? It's a conspiracy Im tellin ya!). Of course there was no sales help to be found either so I walked out. I figure they dont need my dollars and I'll take my business elsewhere. Since we were in the area we hit Catherine's. I tried on a few outfits and would like one part but not others. Man I was so discouraged so I told hubby that I liked the one skirt but hated the shirt I picked out and I liked the jacket on the suit but it was too small and it was likely I'd never wear the pants that went with it. What did my sweetie say? If they have the suit in the next size up, buy the suit and get the skirt (which was sold separately) too. What a sweetheart! Well the suit didnt come in the size I wanted but it came in one size larger than that (2 sizes more than I tried on). I tried the jacket on as that's the piece that was most important and it was we bought it. I got home and tried them all on again. The jacket is a bit large but a couple small darts in the back will fix that and it looks great with the skirt as I suspected. While I was in a trying on mood I tried on the suit pants too. Damned if they dont fit as well, just need a little hemming up (man I hate my bottom being bigger than my top!).

Gramma has been shipped up to NY and is being held in the Funeral Home until the ground thaws and we can get her buried. My dad's said it cant be any later than May. Now it's just a matter of getting the whole family together. It's hard because mom n daddy have limited vacation time left and my bro has to arrange for time off so we gotta see what's best for all. I am going to have to remind them of hubby's schedule and let them know they need to decide amongst themselves and just let me know when as Im the most flexible in schedule of the bunch. Right now Im at the hurry up and wait stage...I hate waiting.

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