Monday, August 18, 2008

Entry from March 20,2007

OK ok....I know it's excessive to get this damn excited for a day of the week. My friends are probably sitting there thinking..."Oh God she's gonna go on about Idol already and they havent even SUNG yet!!"
Well ! You'd be wrong. I get this excited on Tuesdays whether or not it's Idol or Rockstar season. Why?? Because Tuesday is new music day at the local retaillers. This week there are 2 cds out that Im so damn excited about and cant wait to get my hands on for sure. You've all heard the music off of them already over the course of the last couple weeks here in myspace.
The first one is Introducing Joss Stone. I love, Love, LOVE that single she has out now. I've found I cant get enough of that song and Im looking forward to the rest of the album as well.

The second cd Im really looking forward to since I heard the first track is Elliott Yamin's. WHOOT! Yet another song I cant get enough of.'s the song Im promoing this week. I found a fan made video for the song. The quality isnt the best and it's simply just the same clips over and over but you gotta LOVE that butt shimmy he does:
Im leaving their respective Amazon links you you can check them out!

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