Sunday, August 17, 2008

Entry from Dec 19, 2006

OMG I feel like crap. *sneezes* Have felt this comin on for a couple days now. Had a fever of around 100 or so 3 days ago and again 2 days ago. Enough to make me run for the Tylenol (which I only keep in the house for fevers cuz it dont do jackschidt for anything else). Even with my allergy meds in my system my nose has been absolutely unreal in the sneezing and output department. Top things off Ive been having sore throats and ear aches off and on for a few days. So while I was in the dr's I had her check my ears, nose n throat and told her that I hadnt been too sick but somethings were going on she needed to check and she put me on Phenavent to help out with the congestion I have.

There is good news though...honest. I got on the scales at the dr's office and the final reading is 270. This is 21 pounds down from the last appointment and 28 down from when I started going to her. Not exactly the most advised way to lose weight, but it's a weight loss. According to my scales here (which weigh me about 3 pounds lighter than the dr's) I've been holding steady at that weight for a week now. ~grinz~ Better yet the bp was down to a respectable 110/70. Most excellent for someone who's carrying more than a 100 pounds too much on her frame. No, Im not proud of the weight, but I am proud that I aint fallin apart nearly as bad as I'd think. Oh...and my sugar. They're getting in the habit of testing when I go in now because diabetes is on both sides of the family AND I had that major shock to my system. Mind you I go in before I eat or drink for the sugar was at a 96.

Otherwise, we had a very long talk about the hospital and she reviewed the file from there. She confirmed that this could have been my problem for these 10+ years and it does take that long to acquire that amount of gravel (as my friend so lovingly put it in an email to me). However, since the Lactaid helped digest the milk even after I started having trouble, it's highly possible that both problems started around the same time. The only way to test this is to ingest dairy and see what happens. As such, she's advised me to NOT go off the Lactaid for at least 2 months but preferably 3 or 4 months. As she pointed out, the outside heals faster than the inside and she wants to be sure Im 100% inside before aggravating anything. The outside wounds are looking good though. They're scabbed up nicely but I seem to have an allergy to adhesives on most bandages so she's told me to use some hydrocortizone creme around the edges where the bandages touch the skin.

Sitting is getting to be easier now. It doesnt hurt as much to take a nice deep breath, yawn or stretch so that's good. Now if I could get rid of this damn cold. It doesnt help that I didnt sleep well last night. Last night was the first night hubby and I were in the same bed for, like, ever it seems. Unfortunately, he sneezed n coughed a good part of the night and is one of those bed hogs. I spent a good part of the night trying to defend my face and belly from his elbow. Top things off I dont do well sleeping with my back exposed. What I mean is Ive always slept with my back against him or against the wall and not towards the open edge of the bed. The trouble is, I cant sleep on my right side right now..only my left....BUT I must be on the side of the bathroom (which happens to be the righthand side of the bed) just in case. Have always slept this way in all my 37 years and simply cant sleep any other way. *sigh* I didnt sleep well until the alarm went off and he got out of the bed. I guess Im going to the sofa tonight. He's been sleeping there more than his fair share lately.

I guess Im gonna go crawl into bed again. This damn medicine is makin me sleepy. I hate medicine that makes me sleepy. Cant do nuffin at all when Im on it. *ugh* Looks like all online projects are on hold til after Christmas. Between this cold and hubby sick too and the projects we've got going on over here that *MUST* be done before the holiday...sick or not....

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