Monday, August 18, 2008

Entry from March 9, 2007

Wow....a couple slow days. Really helps to turn that comment box off completely. Man, I hated to have to do that though because that's how Maureen and I got to be friends ...and how I got that nice comment from that dude in Nepal (which I still need to respond to...I think I'll check on him after this). All this time and I ended up with 3 ignores in 2 days...go figure. Anyhow flyingstar came into chat last night and has apologized for her part in this mess on my site this week. I ~think~ she see my side and why I got so pissed off. As for the other two I dont know...I guess it dont matter because I have them on ignore and everyone's blocked so there aint much they can do but complain to Yahoo but I havent done anything they really can complain about. I guess according to that pic up there this all makes me the shit then, right?*

Babe n I had to get up early today because we had ABC pest control in to check a problem we've been having with ants. Thankfully I saved the last wave of corpses and he confirmed what I already knew...carpenter ants. *UGH* He also found another type of ant that will cause us problems with our insulation so after evaluating the home and size, he set us an appointment for next Thursday. Only a few more days of battling these critters...thank God. They're even going to treat the whole yard which means the red fire ants near the tree out front and the flea problem will be gone soon too. Gotta love that.

Did our shopping at Target this week. Usually we go to WalMart but WalMart doesnt sell those salads I like anymore and their selection of Naked juices is really the pits (ok...I hear ya'll laffing...not my fault that's the brand's name!!). We had cards to buy for the month (2 anniversaries and 3 birthdays) so we got all those set. Just got to get them addressed and sent on time. While there we got a digital scale to replace the dial one we have currently. Im so glad it aint a talker though. I can see it now, I get on one of those and it'd say "One at a time please". LOL. I drug babe through the full figure department to see if they had any sales this week. Boy they had a good variety in the clearance area. I ended up buying 2 shirts for next winter....for less than $6. We bought a plastic lidded tub too so I can store the winter clothes away for the season. I dont think we'll be needing them any further this year and this will get them ready incase we have to move.

We've been keeping an eye on airline prices lately as we have a trip to make at the end of May. Boy the prices have been like a yo-yo this week! Daddy wrote earlier this week to say they were at $299 per...then I got a note last nite to say they went up to $402 per and then while we were out shopping daddy called to say they dropped to $276. I just wish hubby would get them purchased so I dont need to worry about it anymore.

Ive been painting alot this week. Decided to try a new craft. The first one turned out pretty good and Im starting another of the same type in another color. Ive decided that the pictures Im doing will go into the guest room and *IF* a little girl comes along the stuff will go in her room. *IF* a boy shows up I guess I'll have to do two more in more masculine type colors. I'll post a picture when I get the pink one done.

Not much else is going on here except keeping up with American Idol. I've posted my favorites on my MySpace and am also posting their weekly performance videos up. I take notes and then blog a review the next day so I can relisten to the performances back to back with the originals. Damn Im so lame...LOL. Got no life at all .. Ahh well.

Well I guess I better get off here and get something done....the dryer buzzer just went there's painting to do...I could just say *pbbbbt* to everything and crawl back into bed.

*The picture referred to is actually a graphic that says "When people you dont even know hate on you, then you know you're the shit!

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