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Entry from Sept 14,2006

A picture of my landscapers doing the yard... *

Yeah. Pretty much it's that bad. As you can see...we have, yet again, another day of sunshine and dry weather. Damn I wish it would rain. We've had ~maybe~ 1 day of light soaking rain in the last 3 weeks. My lawn looks like it's winter out...yeah it's that fkn yellow. Not to say it's dry, but Babe's only had to mow the lawn twice since March. My poor foundation's so beat that I have to throw my entire 280+ into the door to get it to close nowadays. Supposed to get rain this weekend around Sunday...but they've been saying that for a while now.

Saturday my hubby and I went to Six Flags for the day. Not really a biggie tripwise but hell the tickets were free so who's to argue. Had a great time just walking around and enjoying one another's company. It got us outta the house for a change. We got matching Superman t-shirts...actually at the price we got them at they were a steal. Original price of $17.99 each and they were marked down to $4.98. Cant beat that. The logo's really cool. I'll have to post the pix sometime. That evening we went out to Olive Garden for supper (thank you Txsis, her hubby, her kiddo, Oksis and the other "nimrods"...hey...that's how the card was signed!). We had a wonderful meal. Funny story. He and I ordered our meals. Pretty much the same meal we had when we'd gone there last month or so ago. The server (not the waiter) brought it out from the kitchen and when he got to our table he began to laugh and said "I thought this meal looked familiar!" Come to find out the guy that was serving from the kitchen that night had been our waiter on a previous visit! LOL

Havent felt like doing much the last few days. Cant blame it on the rain cuz we aint had none. All I've felt like doing is monkeying around with my MySpace area and getting it tweaked so it looks just right. I gotta add a blog to it in regards to last night's Supernova. Told my hubby before they announced the winner that this one would be one I'd be happy to call wrong. Oh yeah I wanted to be wrong in the worst way but told him if I called it right I'd be pissed. Needless to say Im an unhappy camper about the results to say the least. If ya'll want the link to that blog let me know and I'll post it. I'm wondering if this wanting to do nothing but tweak that site might be a hint that it's time to go back to school and earn a degree in it. Did you know that someone who has the paperwork for graphic arts and web design can earn between $35,000- 50,000 in my area? Yeah I think it's time to go back to school...especially since most places are requiring some form of higher education. Would have been easier if I stayed in the work force when I got here, but circumstances dictated otherwise at the time. Would be nice if I could get something where I could work from the home. Something that wont be affected if we needed to up and go somewhere.

Today, I went back to the podiatrist's to have my toes checked. He says they look good but another fungus is trying to get attached to the nails. As such, he's prescribed another medicine to use for 2-3 months. Otherwise, they're doing fine and I dont need to return to him for this. I had gone to my other dr the beginnin of August to play with the vampires. While I was there I had her check another problem with my feet. Looked like I was getting plantars again so she gave me medicine for that. Looks like we caught it early enough because when the podiatrist checked, there wasnt more than a pencil tip lump there. WHOOHOO!

While we were out I went to the DMV and got my id changed. :D Pretty soon I'll have my picture id with the new name on it YAY!!!

Oh...did I mention that I'd called my dr back because my thyroid test came back normal? I think I did. Anyhow, you wouldnt think a person would fuss about a normal result but I did have a question about the medicine I was on at the time of the testing. I had a sneaking suspicion that it effected the result (the first test came up abnormal...and I wasnt on Provera at that point). So they called back and she wants me in again in 3 months. Ugh....more vampires! Anyhow I suspect the Junel Im on now is going to do the same. So Im going to call her in November, before I go on the next packet of pills, and ask her if she wants me to stay off them for the month to get them cleared out of the system so they dont mess with the lab results. In other words, Im liable to be a bigger bitchier mess than usual that month. Fair warning.

*picture was that scene from Spaceballs with the dudes combing the desert.....literally...with a comb the size needed for Big Tex in Dallas.

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