Monday, August 18, 2008

Entry from Feb 10, 2007

OOohh it's been cold here in Texas lately. Some days it decides to be a nice balmy 70 or so and by the next day it's in the damn 40's. I wish Mother Nature would get off the rag and make up her blessed mind as I'd like to be able to adjust the liner in my coat for the season. Gotta love those kinds of coats...liner on inside for winter that can be removed so the outer shell can be used as a spring coat. I've yet to be able to use it like a spring coat though because we go from 40's to like the 80's overnight and it's too warm for the spring part of the coat. Ahh well.

The phone call from TxSis went better than expected. Im wondering if she simply got it all out of her system a couple hours before she called. My SCSis has been calling every few days to check on me. I wish she'd stop...I love her dearly but Im fine. We all figure I'll probably get my crying done when the box or boxes show up. I may not even open them until hubby gets home because Im sure I'll need him around when I do.

Got a call from my folks yesterday. They donated gramma's manual organ (the two keyboard with pedal kind) to a Christian organization. It's a shame as we all wanted to keep it because it was gramma's but mom and dad had no room and neither did my sil. I dont really have room either but damn well would have FOUND space for it. The biggest problem would have been shipping it. Like dad said "It takes a truck and at least 2 gorillas" to move it. You can imagine the shipping cost of something that size and weight. Seems she also still owes over $1300 on it. This means the bank account daddy thought he could close needs to be kept open and payments made on the bugger. Ahh well. Also seems that since gramma passed on Jan 31st, SS decided to remove Febs check back out of gramma's bank account. If she had hung on just one or two more days that extra could have gone to paying off the organ. Ahh well. Her income tax mostly will be going to storage and internment in NY, I believe most of the rest of the moneys will be going to finishing paying off the bills. The furniture is staying for the most part in lieu of rent and whatever furniture the landlord dont want will go to the hospice center to be sold. I guess hospice had wanted to pick up the car right away so it could be looked over and dad told them no because he needed it to run the rest of the errands in Florida....the person in hospice said "Oh you are...that means it's running...good enough for me". They'll be picking it up this coming Wednesday. Oh and daddy said yesterday that he'd seen something in the funeral home that if he'd been aware of he'd have had done instead of what she picked out. The urn she picked out was shaped like an ark (I think he meant similar to the Ark of the Covenant...not sure) but he saw these necklaces with teardrops that were meant for a few of the ashes to be stored in so everyone could have a little bit before she was buried. If he'd known before he'd have gotten those too. However, by the time he went to "pick up gramma from her appointment" the urn had been sealed and he didnt want to unseal it to do that. He's decided he wants that for himself so he can be pawned off to his kids. *shakes head* He says he wants the rest to be mixed in with the ashes of the three cats they've had to cremate over the years and everyone (him, the cats and mom) all in one grave. Well at least his sense of humor aint broken....of course Im sure he was probably serious too. Actually, that aint a bad idea....I'll have to write that one down.

On the 19th of this month, we'll be getting a better idea of when hubby's last day is and what all will be happening there. I hate this up in the air BS to be honest....too damn highstrung to tolerate it much. There is alot here that needs repacking if we have to move, and I need to get started NOW if that's the case. Alotta junk to go through...donate, shred or pack. May as well leave all that stuff from gramma in the box. least it's packed already.

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