Monday, August 18, 2008

Entry from March 16,2007

Well, yesterday we had the pest control people in to take care of our carpenter ant problem. I kept trying to get them to take the Chihuahua too, but they kept insisting she was too big of a pest for them to deal with. j/k. We were told where our infestation more than likely originated from. Seems the big ole tree in our front yard is the culprit. I knew we had a fire ant problem bear it, but carpenter ants too? Damn. They hosed that puppy (the tree, not the Chihauhua) down real well and went through all the rooms of the house putting stuff down to take care of the other critters (they used stuff that was safe in a home with pets). Come to find out, the carpenter ants like to fly up high on windows towards the light because that's their preferred location for sex. I told the pest control people that aint nothing having sex in my kitchen 'cept me dammit! They placed monitoring stations around the perimeter of the house to keep an eye out for termites. I dont see what good this does considering the distance between the stations. You'd think they'd dig a small trench around the house and place the stations side by side to assure they get traffic, but who am I to speak ? I aint the professional.

Im feeling much better today. I think I've lost a total of 5 pounds this week due to that nasty little bug I'd gotten. Unfortunately, my appetite still hasnt completely returned. Maybe this is a good thing as I really DO need to lose a bunch more weight yet. We were out shopping yesterday and I saw a couple cute tops that I almost bought but the colors I liked werent in the right size for me. Seems that even though I have been losing weight, I need to go up a size in some things. It really kind of pissed me off until I realized for the most part I'd been buying knit items that tend to stretch a bit and maybe I'd been buying sizes too small for the last year or more. The shirts I was looking at were more of a cotton blend with no stretch (this would explain the huge problem I was having with the WDFH (wedding dress from hell) because the sizing was just too small and why I had to go up a size over at Catherine's for that suit.... Ahhh well. I think I'll look on WalMart's site and see if I can get them through there. I was pleasantly surprised to see that some of the stuff I was looking at was 2 sizes larger than they normally carry. I wonder if they're going to start with the expanded sizes because they were losing customers to higher end stores due to the sizes that were available.

Speaking of WalMart...have you noticed that they're remodelling? They are in our area at least. I like the fact the fuller figure stuff is right up front and not hidden around back. I also like the fact they took those nasty-assed carpets out. They're doing something similar to what the higher end stores do, hardwoods in the department and tiles in the walkway. This divides up the departments and makes it easier on the cleaning crew. I think it's going to look very nice when they're done.

I guess I'd better go. I have to get my stream ready for this week, rip a couple cds I bought, fold laundry, do dishes, get something to eat for breakfast and maybe paint today....not necessarily in that order.

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