Sunday, August 17, 2008

Entry from October 9, 2006

As you can see, I've been working on my MySpace area and have a new look to it. Havent decided whether I like it better than the brick wall motif I had going there for a while. I'll prolly be changing it all again in a few months anyhow. Damn Leos...cant be satisfied...gotta have variety. Anyhow, here's the link . The only works there that belongs to anyone else at this point are the band banners (except the generic banner area), the stupid lil quizzes and the scrolling banner (once I figure a nice way to do it...that too will be gone). I've taken to "pimping" one band each week on my site. The band that gets "pimped" is the one that gets the best response in the room during my streamtime on Saturdays. Ya'll know I play the new stuff from CMT, MTV and VH1...well I've been promoting some of the artists from MySpace as well. If you hear something on my stream that you really me! Your choice might actually be the next one featured on my MySpace. All I ask is that you tell me which artist I played that you really liked and what you liked about them.

Well, I called the dr this last week and even though Im going in at the end of the month for bloodwork she decided to leave me on the one medicine (doesnt make sense to me because we're checking the thyroid and the medicine has hormones in it which really screw up the results and throw a normal reading instead of what we KNOW we should be getting...but I digress..). So...anyhow...I got into my WalMart account and had it as well as my allergy meds refilled. I went in Friday and was informed that 2 of the 3 were ready. I told the associate..."Lemme's the such n such medicine (referring to the hormone related pills)." He looked at me with this surprised smile and asked how I knew. I only knew because this was the 3rd month in a row that there was a problem with doing the refill. He told me there was another formula of the medication in and had no idea what the difference was. I had to point out that the formula they had was the Fe...which meant it had iron in it. If the dr wanted me to have the Fe formula, she would have written the prescription that way. Chaulk up a point for this girlfriend remembering SOMETHING in the lines of chemistry. I go "lemme guess...a shipment is due in tomorrow morning or so and it may be on it?" He laughed and got the impression I had been through this for sure at this point. We all had a good laugh and I said I'd send hubby in for that med on Saturday (we picked up the allergy stuff anyhow). On Saturday hubby called the pharmacy to find out if it got filled and he was informed that it looked like the company no longer made that particular formula and that they were calling my dr on Monday to see what she wanted to do about it. I half expect that the dr will call and tell me to either 01) come in this week for bloodwork and prescribe another medicine, 02) tell me to stay off the meds and she'll deal with it at the end of the month when Im due in anyhow and let the hormones work out of my system (any chance of me getting lucky and getting preggers before either of these two options?) or 03) just put me on another pill and hope it works. All I know is that I should have started a new course of pills yesterday.

Talked to gramma in Florida the other day. She's doing well, but still tired. She went in on the 4th for a cat scan and should be getting the results this week. They need to see how the cancer is doing now that she's been off the chemo for nearly 2 months. They'll decide then if they want to put her back on it or just let things run their course. I dont think she'll let them do that though. She's tired of being sick and tired of being tired. She aint giving up, but she isnt exactly fighting this tooth and nail either.

Got an email from daddy tonight. Seems another of my aunts passed on last night. Before anyone gets to feeling overly mom is the next to youngest of 8 kids. Some of her older siblings are chronologically old enough to be my this is to be expected. We lost another aunt earlier in the year so this one was a bit of a shock to come so soon after the first one. They dont yet know what happened as when my parents got called the coroner was just headed to the house (mom n daddy are in Ca and the aunts and uncles are mostly in Co so there's a bit of a lag in receiving news sometimes). Dad's promised to drop a line when they know how she passed. I dont know if she'd been sick or not. I wouldnt think so because mom hadnt called and told me to put this particular one on a prayer chain or anything. It's also possible the uncle (her brother...both aunts that passed were aunts by marriage) didnt want to worry my mom over his wife being ill. Especially if his wife was ill during the time he knew mom would be in TN with me.

Well, Im gonna go now. It's after 3am here and Im getting tired. I dont know why because I napped part of the night away. I do know I need to get away from the 'puter because my left arm and shoulder have been bothering me and a couple days off this machine always makes it feel better. I know what it is that does it though and it cant be helped. It's because the left elbow sits on the armrest and I tend to lean on it a bit as Im typing. Kinda ends up jambing things up and into my shoulder which gives me pain in about 4-5 locations in my body. That's what I get for being on this damn thing for hours and hours on end. *shrugz*

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