Saturday, August 16, 2008

Entry from Aug 18,2006


Had a wonderful day yesterday. Got my bustier AND pissed off someone! Cant ask for a better day then that. It got to be around 1pm and I started calling around. First I called the Goddess shop in Dallas, but they were just a showroom for the bras they make. The man that answered the phone ( yeah I said threw me off too when he answered) was extremely helpful though. I told him how much it was and what it generally looked like and he gave me 2 style numbers it could possibly be. When I told him I had been having a hassle with the one shop he asked who it was. I would guess since they are where the other shops order from, someone's gonna be in trouble later. Anyhow, after I told him what's gone on this month in regards to this he gave me another shop name, their address, and phone number! He very highly recommended them. So I called them up and sure enough they had my size in stock (sheesh if I knew about them I woulda called 2 weeks ago). I waited until about 2pm or so and we left out and got it. The gals in this shop were very helpful so Im pretty sure anytime I need anything along the lines of bras, panties, nightgowns or swimwear Im going there. Tried on the size again and it fits nicely...actually a couple little spots in front could be taken in a bit and the clerk even offered to do the adjustment right then for me. I told her since I wasnt planning on wearing it more than one or two times it wouldnt be necessary (I was just glad she asked...that's taking it above and beyond in my book). We got home around 4:45pm or so and lo-and-behold there's a message from that first shop. I called them back and they were so happy it was in ...until I told them "Well you said the shipments come in early and at 2pm I gave up and went elsewhere" (aka tough titties ya screwed up and lost the sale). Well they tried their best to get me to come in and buy it anyway even tried to guilt me into it and then tried a bully tactic. Well I wasnt having any of that crap and told her that it was too late I already bought it and it's in a bag on my kitchen table so no....I no longer needed the one from her shop (no ya really fk'd up n pissed me off ya never getting my biz again). She went as far as to tell me they called as soon as it came in a little after 2pm. Hmmmm. Now let's see. The answering machine message is time stamped at 4:02pm and my caller id shows 4:01pm. According to her they would have had to call me twice in that case...but she only mentioned the one time. Hmmmm. With my caller id...if you called more than once in the day the CID puts an (*) next to the number to show they called more than once. It didnt have this which means they only called once....after 4pm (I wish I had checked that before calling them back...I woulda thrown that in her face too...along with the piss poor customer service I got). She got snippy and slammed the phone down. I guess I wont be able to special order from them again but that's ok...I dont plan on going there anymore. Besides this other place is closer and they look to be well stocked in everything ;).

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