Monday, August 18, 2008

Entry from Feb 5,2007

This summer will be my 20th year reunion. Gosh how fast the time has passed. That's the school up in the picture. I hear it's changed alot since that photo was taken. They were making huge leaps when I was going there. I can just imagine what it looks like now. That squared off section in the middle was our auditorium where we held our concerts and plays. Im sort of looking forward to going to see some of the old friends again. From the pictures I've seen , not many have changed much...we just all got older. Part of me is looking forward to this trip as I get to bring hubby around the area I grew up in. It's going to take us several days to visit all the places I'd been in up there, as opposed to the places we visited in hubbys hometown because my town's bigger than his. Part of me is not looking forward to this. There are a couple people Im not really wanting to see to be honest, plus I havent really done much with my life. Oh I've lived a full one but Im definitely NOT where I'd have hoped to be. Some of it is my fault, but not all of it. I am taking steps to correct this though.

Havent done much the last few days as I cant bring myself to do much of anything. I really need to tear this place apart and give it a good scrub down some day and start some patchwork. I have managed to finish painting the birdies that I was working on and a turtle. I just need to glue the felt bottoms and get some good pix for them and get them posted. It's chilly out though and I dont want to go outside to get the photos (the natural light is much better than trying inside because of the damn flash on my camera which goes off everytime I use the damn thing) so I got the primer coat on 5 butterflies, 2 cats, 2 dogs and a pig instead.

Got some news from hubby's work. From what the email he received said, it looks like those who stay til severance time will get help finding a new job. At least they're going to help out some. That's nice. Now if they could find him a job that pays as well or better. Particularly one that means we dont have to move yet...that would be nice.

Talked to mom yesterday. They still have a lot to do in Florida. Everytime they think they're almost done shredding they find more. The other day they needed some paperclips for something or other so went out and bought some. I give you one guess what they're finding scads of now...that's right boxes and boxes of paperclips. Told her that if they hadnt bought them, then gramma wouldnt have had any stashed. The saddest news she had for me was about this one couple from Canada. I guess gramma had been friends with them for a long time. They showed up this weekend as they were in town on business and thought it would be nice to surprise her with lunch n daddy had to give them the bad news right on gramma's doorstep. They'd missed her by less than a week. Mom decided right then and there to keep track of who all sent regrets or gifts and whomever was in her addy book that didnt send would get a note informing them of gramma's passing. This way there wouldnt be another shock like that one. Mom had that happen once to her regarding one of her favorite aunts. The aunt had passed and no one let her she sent a Christmas card. She got a letter back saying the aunt had passed on 5 MONTHS prior. Ohhh she was so pissed. She's determined that this will NOT be happening to this set of friends and family.

As we were talking I mentioned a few things that gramma and I had discussed during my visit in the summer of 2003. It gave mom a heads up on a few the quarters books...those were started for my brother n I. I cant remember which she said was for whom but that's where they were supposed to go. There was a garnet ring that gramma wanted me to take but I refused at that time because I was constantly losing things at the time. Another ring or necklace is a family one (has all the birthstones of everyone in it) and it is supposed to go to mom then to my sister's supposed to stay in the family name which means after my sil is done it goes to her son's wife. The Christmas ornaments that I painted for her are coming back to me. I'll be adding to them as more children and marriages occur and will pass those on to my niece or nephew when my time comes. I think Im going to start one for hubby's family too so I have a set to pass to my own kids. I also told her about a photoalbum that I was sure was supposed to go to daddy as it had old pictures of gramma and all her siblings in it. It would have been easier on mom n daddy if she'd had all this written down. Im beginning to wonder if gramma had even written a will. It'd be a shame to put all this work into separating things to find out there is a will and things have to be shifted around. I'll have to touch base with them later and find out. This reminds me....I need to work on this Living Will paperwork in the next day or so (it was given to me just before that first hospital stay and I been putting it off ...)

I guess that's about it. My TxSis is supposed to be home this week and Im half expecting a call from her to see if Im breathing. With any luck she'll call before she gets into her email, but to be honest I aint that lucky... so Im half expecting her to be either crying or mad when she does call.

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