Monday, August 18, 2008

Entry from April 30,2007

Oh I had been doing so well for weeks...bouncing over the same damn 3-5 pounds weekly. What I'd gain while hubby was home I'd manage to lose again before he was off again. I really need to learn to stick with my eating schedule even while he's home. Anyhow this week Im feeling much like the lady in the pic because I not only gained the 2-3 I'd lost during the week but gained 4 more on top of it. *sigh*. I really had thought I'd behaved this week with him home too. We went to Furrs on Thursday or Friday and I was so good too....I didnt bother with dessert AND I didnt even finish my supper. Ahh well. Im keeping on keeping on though. Watching every calorie that goes in my mouth. Not really counting them per se but just being aware of how much everything is adding.

Im looking forward to Idol this week. After last week's non-results Im looking forward to twice the carnage. It's Bon Jovi this week WHOOT! I thought that it was supposed to be just rock week but I've seen rumors that it is strickly going to be Bon Jovi music. This isnt as limiting as one would think though if they allow the tunes he's covered as well. He's done some nice versions of Imagine (Lennon's song...although this was used already so they may not use this one), America the Beautiful (Phil probably put a lock on this one), Knocking on Heaven's Door, and You Had Me From Hello (Phil may have this one instead). Im hoping someone breaks out with Captain Crash and the Beauty Queen From Mars (Chris may be able to pull this one off...or maybe Blake) or Social Disease. No wait that last one would be too racy for a family show Im sure. The early rumors of selection are as follows:

Jordin- Always


Melinda-Without Love

Phil-In & Out Of Love

Lakisha- Bells Of Freedom

Chris-It's My Life

If this rumor holds true, it's going to be an ummm interesting night to say the least. Jordin, Melinda and even LaKisha should have a decent night (especially since Bells of Freedom will work well with LaKisha's big gospel voice). The guys, I dont think will do well. This doesnt bode well for Chris who was sitting at the bottom of DialIdol (yeah I know that isnt accurate) as well as at the bottom of the betting site (this IS more accurate). Two go this week...will we have a shocker...or maybe a double shocker? I cant wait.

Ok, so I live and breathe Idol this time of year. Yes Michelle, I do have a very Healthy appetite for the show...and RockStar (whatever band they use). You think this is bad...pop over to my MySpace...HAHAHAHA!

Not much else going on. We're getting into the warm weather so hubby's going to call the AC company and get them to check the unit out for us. He's going to try to get a half day at work today because the truck needs to go back in for repairs. I know it was just in there but there was another problem that hadnt gotten fixed and wasnt noticable until he brought the truck up to speed (front end needs alignment). I cant argue, that truck's an '86 or '88 and has been wonderful so far. *knocks on wood*

Just finished another project and will get the picture posted another day. Im starting another one today. Im making a matching seated fairy for the auburn butterfly fairy I painted 3 years ago. Finally doing one of these pieces for me. Well yeah, most of them end up being mine or given as gifts but this one is specifically being done for me and isnt going to be put up for sale. To get an idea of what it'll look like I think I have a picture in my photo album if you want to go look. It'll look like the sitting fairy but with the same colors as the one with auburn hair in the purple dress.

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