Monday, August 18, 2008

Entry from March 12,2007

*UGH*!! Im so tired of this. Friday night after we got home from shopping, I started not feeling well again. This time it's not my upper respiratory though. I had such stomach cramps and nausea it wasnt funny. I figured it was something I ate. I stayed up a bit later than is per usual nowadays because I thought for sure I'd need to go running for the bathroom and the sofa is a straighter path to said location than the bedroom is. By 2am I gave up, I'd been passing out off and on for over an hour due to exhaustion. I managed to get about 2 hours of sleep before I was up sprinting for the loo. Ok maybe not sprinting but I think I set the waddling pretty damn fast record..Skipping the gory details...after frequent trips for 2 hours I finally passed out again from exhaustion and didnt wake until nearly noon I guess. I planted myself on the sofa for the day....trying to fight off the nausea and headache (which the ibuprophen never could relieve). I slept off and on all day until stream time. Man I should have just called the site boss and told him I wasnt gonna stream but I didnt decide not to until too late so I hauled my ass up and moved to the office...praying the whole time I wouldnt have a problem. Man I had a headache and various aches and pains though. I heard from a couple friends online that people in their work place were pretty much in the same boat I was in. Oh now that news wasnt tells me it isnt a food problem but the flu...AGAIN. Sunday I spent all day in bed, I didnt even use the laptop computer for my email. Slept off and on all day...worse part of the day was the damn headache all day long. Hubby came home and told me that our friend's wife was down with about the same thing and that another co-worker called off for the night because he too was ill. Then this morning I read in Maureen's blog she's sick too.....

Im on day three of this. Somethings are starting to shape up some, but others not so much. My stomach has taken to growling in hunger but when I think of what I want to eat I get nauseaus and decide against eating....which then promotes another headache from the glucose levels falling. I cant help it though, I simply have no appetite. If Im not better tomorrow I'll call for a dr appt on Wednesday. Cant do it today for tomorrow cuz hubby has jury duty. He got the letter just last week. Damn nimrods sent it to the wrong address so it doesnt have a place where you can call like mine did last year. Stupid igmos (ignorant morons). With any luck the dr will simply say "Ive had alot of cases like that this let me call you in a script..." Yeah that would be nice.

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