Sunday, August 17, 2008

Entry from Dec 26,2006

Yep...yet another week where I was too sick to stream. *ugh* The cold that started out as minor sniffles and just not feeling 100% hit me full on as a cold by Tuesday. Thankfully the dr gave me some meds on Monday to take....I should be fine right? Ok so by Thursday my throat and deep inside my ears itched. I was thinkin of taking up sword swallowing just so I could get a good scratch down deep enough to relieve the itching. Plus on top of this I lost my voice. I told my friend I sounded like a damn seductive mouse...whisper whisper SQUEAK whisper whisper SQUEAK! (well Im glad SHE got a laugh outta it!) Anyhow went to the drs on Friday with the throat and ears alternating between itchin and hurting and ended up on antibiotics. By Saturday night I had some of my voice back, but not enough to stream properly. By Sunday and Monday mornings I was feeling better with most of my voice back. Christmas night was another story however. Seems that the cold is pissed off as I keep putting roadblocks up in an effort to feel better. I thought I had it confined to my nose and was eradicating it from my throat while barring it from dropping into my chest (which woulda put me in bed for 2 weeks coughin it out of my system). So anyhow the cold got pissed and took that left turn to Albuquerque that Bugs Bunny was always going on about and it stalled out in my ear. Im a very unhappy camper because if the pain dont go away it'll mean ANOTHER trip to the dr this week. Im afraid the next time in they'll make me play with the vampires again. *UGH* I HATE needles. Thankfully my humor seems to be somewhat still intact (for now at least).

We did end up with some good news this last week though. Looks like the insurance is going to cover all but $250 of the hospital trip. Thats cool.

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