Monday, August 18, 2008

Entry from May 27,2007

Sorry it's been a few days since I last wrote. I know I've promised to put something in here daily it's just I dont normally have a whole helluva lot going on in my life....well except during RockStar and Idol seasons but I blog those elsewhere. Surely you arent interested in the rantings of a rabid music fan....or are you? It can be arranged you rabid rantings on how bad they all were *laffz*. I promise there will be more sometime in next week and a half or so when I get back from New York. I suspect it'll be a several entry blog much along the lines of my wedding...fair warning.

Well I've been back to the doctor AGAIN. I havent been feeling 100% lately...more like around a 97.5% or so. My throat started getting mildly sore as well as my ear..both on the left side. Top things all off I've been having headaches pretty much daily....again mostly on the left side. Yet again I got shuffled off to a different doctor instead of my regular which kinda makes me pissy. I suspect it's because Im on an HMO. I was really irritated after the appointment when I found out my usual dr WAS ON SITE and I could have very well seen her! I digress though. The dr I saw reviewed my file while I was telling her that normally I wouldnt bother with such a minor problem but since I was going to be flying on Wednesday and couldnt miss this trip I felt it was in the best interest to get myself in. She agreed especially since this seems to have become a chronic problem with me. I was told to think about it and where did it hurt most each time I came in in the other appointments. After thinking I realized that it was mostly a problem on my left side. Even thinking back to that one spring when I got that nasty was mostly my left side. She then asked if anyone thought to CT scan my head to see what the sinuses were doing and I said no. Im betting next time Im in, I'll get scheduled for one. This dr said my ears were both clogged (again), the left more than the right. Same went with my throat and nose. Most of the yuck is on the left. This dr suspects a deviated septum. Yeah, I know we've been hearing that term lately but I suspect that it's simply because they KNOW what it is now and it's more common than we suspect. It is something you can be born with (although it's not hereditary that they know of) or it's something you can get with blunt force trauma. Mine is more than likely due to blunt force trauma as I never had this problem as a child. Usually when I got sick I was affected on both sides equally. This seems to have developed recently within the last several years. This coincides with the accident I had while unloading a truck in Louisiana. I reached up for a small box that turned out to be a bit heavier than I thought it was and I lost my grip catching the box (Im thinking it was formula) square in the face right around the bridge to my nose. Thankfully it didnt break, nor swell. I just had a horrid headache the rest of the day. I wasnt bleeding or bruised so I did exactly what most stubborn people would do...I kept working. So now Im paying for my stupidity. Ive read that the surgery to correct it is a quick one, only an hour long. However, recovery is 6 WEEKS. *SIGH* Can you IMAGINE me trying to stream like that?? This is something I'll more than likely need in the future otherwise I'll be in the dr office every 3 months or so when the pollens get bad. Maybe I'll be lucky and this will be the reason for some of my allergies...kinda like the gall bladder and pancreas were the reason why milk products made me sick. Yep that's right...I can have dairy again provided I take bean-o with it as it tends to know. Beans aint the ONLY musical fruit you know!

Anyhow, the dr said if I had come in and hadnt had any history of problems she would have just issued a decongestant and told me to see if it'd work. However, since I'd been having such a problem with it lately she decided an antibiotic and a decongestant would have to be the course of action, especially since I had to make this trip. On top of the suspected deviated septum she suspects that some bacteria have decided to colonize up there and this could be an everyday thing for me if they have. Ahwell. When my appointment was done I went downstairs to see if anyone was even IN the usual office and surprise...Maudi (the receptionist) was working. She was really surprised they didnt let me see my own dr and told me in the future to just ask for her and she'd get me to the right dr (my dr was surprised to see me there and with 'scripts in hand from another dr. I had to assure her it wasnt MY doing to go elsewhere.) I spoke to Maudi about getting a Well Woman appointment and set a "Well Man" appointment for hubby too while I was standing there. I told my dr and Maudi I was bringing a list in of everything we need to look at and we could prioritize the stuff then. I figure I'll be in every month til next year with all that needs doing. Oh and for those keeping track...I seemed to have gained a bit of weight again. Im fighting the same 7-10 pounds and have decided when I get back it'll be diets for BOTH of us. Im at 270 with a bp of 124/78 or so. Pretty good bp for one carrying nearly 130 pounds too damn much.

The picture up top is one of my last two projects that I completed. I think I promised a while back I was going to post at least this one. The other will be in a day or so. Ive got a bunch more started (horse plaques) that I want to finish up before my trip but I doubt that'll happen as a I have a few other things that take priority right now (like filling the flash drives with tunes for daddy and planning which areas I want to revisit while up in NY).

We've had a lot of rain lately and it doesnt look to be letting up much before Wednesday. It really kinda sucks because hubby wanted to mow our yard and stain the front deck before we left and I dont foresee that happening. Maybe I'll have TxSis send her daughter over with some friends and their horses to graze for a few hours. LOL That'd take care of it...AND the lawn would get some fertilizing too! Ummm maybe not. My luck the dog would get curious when she got home from the vets and track all that fertilizer around my house. *bleah*

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