Saturday, August 16, 2008

Entry from Sept 18,2006

Ok...who sent the rain?

Why? Because I'd like to bitch them out. They either didnt send nearly enough OR it all got lost in the transit! We had a cold front come through yesterday which is fine because Im enjoying the cooler temps (we're in the 80's today). HOWEVER, the most I got in my area was thunder, lightning and a grand total of 10 minutes of rain. It wasnt even really pouring either. Now my TxSis...SHE got around 2+" of rain easily (according to the weather on the news last night)....but me?? We're lucky if we got an inch. They say we're supposed to get more this coming weekend. Hey got your ark built yet? LOL

Not much else going on here. Got a call from TxSis 2 hours out from my streamtime giving me the option of date night with my hubby. She really didnt have to ask twice to be honest. Im beginnin to wonder if this is a sign that it may be time to hang up the headphones for a while. Not necessarily now, but maybe after the holidays once our taxes are done. Why then? Oh because if we have enough funding after having the foundation and roof looked at, hubby and I are looking at going back to school. I dunno. I do have to question the fact I didnt even put up a I didnt really feel guilty about it either. *shrugz*. Yeah I know Im gonna catch flack from some of you for saying it....oh well so be it.

Got a call from my mommy today. I guess she needed to have a biopsy done on a patch of skin. Looks like she has a small growth that is cancerous. The doctor is going to cut it out next week. He said it wasnt anything major, a common cancer that most people get. This just gives me a heads up as I was more of a sun worshipper than my mom back in my youth. I guess it's time to have a yearly once over with a dermatologist as well as with the PCP (primary care physician). I guess I better scoot. I have a project in the kitchen I need to finish up so I have a home for my slow cooker we got for our wedding. I'd like to find it a permenant home other than infront of my microwave.

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