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Entry from April 9,2007

Hey hi! Not much going on here. I was just adjusting my page to reflect spring and discovered a problem with my avatar. Oh dont get me wrong, she's lovely just as she is but I cant get her to change outfits. I've been here long enough to know how to change the look of my avatar correctly, but after I hit save...there she is ... still in her royal finery and not in the outfit that I took 30 minutes to get just right. Ive written Yahoo to see if they know what's going wrong with it. If anyone else has been having a problem with it ya'll may wanna give Yahoo a yell too. It'd be nice to find out it's not just me with this problem. Granted I like feeling special....but not this special.

Ohmygoodness did we all catch American Idol last week? Ok, Im not going to fake that Im shocked to be honest. I actually called it correctly in my MySpace blog. Did Gina deserve to go so soon? Actually yes a few weeks ago but last That was one of her best performances to date BUT it wasnt memorable nor edgy enough to keep her in. Before anyone harps on me for dissing Gina...yes there are at least 3 others that deserved to go before her. They actually should have gone before Chris Sligh as well, however I feel a couple more will go before that threesome. Why? Well let me tell you. First there's Phil Stacey who has the military background. He'll ride that wave much like Josh Gracin did in season 2 (he got all the way to 4th place). Yes, I do enjoy his singing....but from what Ive been reading there are many that said he shouldnt have made it that far. As I didnt watch the 1st two seasons, I cant pass judgement on that. All I know is that Phil has that military thing going for him right now. Second there's Antonella's replacement poptart Haley. They'll keep putting her in the bottom to piss people off...nevermind she doesnt have the voice for this competition anyhow. Im betting they keep her around another week or two just so they can flash her legs because we all know sex sells. Hey it worked for some of the past seasons' contestants (right McTatas? Oh wait...that one could at least sing!). The betting sites have Phil as low man on the totem pole this week and most likely to be gone....we'll see how this changes after the performances on Tuesday night.

Then there's Sanjaya....I keep seeing as many fans as haters out there in the forums. I have a bad feeling this one is going to be around for a while yet. Not only does he have the VFTW site backing his scrawny little ass AND any fans that Howard Stern has...BUT he has all those cute little tweeners who watch this show. They are more likely to vote their little fingers off than those that are closer to my age. Personally the voting system needs to be revamped. Then dont forget the Hawaiian effect. Did you forget so soon? Take it back to season 3 and Jasmine Trias....she whom many said shouldnt have gone as far as she did. She who was backed by not only VFTW but her home state of Hawaii. Has anyone remembered that Hawaii is 3 HOURS beyond the west coast? Has anyone remembered yet that Sanjaya said in his on air interview not a few weeks back that he lived in Hawaii for 6 years and learned how to hula (and then demonstrated it ON AIR). There's where your problem lies. When the west coast voting lines close....the Hawaiian lines are either still open or just opening for voting. This said you can guarantee he'll be around for a long time yet. It wouldnt surprise me (it will sicken me though) if he makes it to Top3 or 4. Personally, I vote we make this North American Idol and include the Canadians as well....maybe that would offset the Hawaiian votes.

While we were out the other week I purchased one of those seatbelt adjusters that you get for the kids so the cars belts fit properly. Why? Well because my body's built a bit strange and I got tired of being strangled weekly with the shoulder strap on the belt. Im 5'4.5"....a half inch too short to be average and an inch and a half too tall to be called a petite. This makes clothes shopping problematic to say the least because Im also long in the torso and short in the legs. Anyhow being built at this height and also being obese (I hear some of you...but yes I am...Im more than 100 pounds overweight and more than half of it is my BMI) doesnt make being strapped into the car comfortable so I bought an adjuster for the belt. It seems to work ok as Im comfy now BUT that minor addition has now turned the Torino ( which I had referred to as the car from hell in prior posts) into a newfangled exercise machine. I have to wrestle with the belt everytime I need to get in the car. It's almost not worth the comfort.....but on the other hand I seem to be building up some nice muscle on my right arm...hmmm.

Hubby is still on meds to help him quit smoking but it's not going so well. The meds have turned up a side effect...actually two. One effect happens if he takes the full dose of medicine and the other shows up if he only takes half. They're going to have to do a different medicine for him I guess or give him something to offset the side effects. God I hope he dont have to try this cold turkey because then Im afraid it'll never happen.

Saturday night I played hookie from my stream because hubby wanted to take me out to dinner. We had a wonderful time at the new steakhouse around the corner from us. It's one of those "throw your nuts on the floor" type places (ok all ya perverts...I meant PEANUTS...sheesh). The steak was very good and the ribs were as advertised (falling off the bone good). The meat actually did fall right off the bone. The steaks...not to say they were fresh.... were actually freshly cut on the butcher block in their kitchen. The fresh that if they had been out too long got given to the waitstaff and fresh from the oven put out. There was enough food on that plate to feed me for 2 of course I brought half home and had it for lunch yesterday. It was really busy there that night but service was excellent nonetheless...very prompt. I told hubby we go back in a month and see how good the service stays before I review it. Thank goodness I didnt review the new Cheddars restaurant after we first visited it because by the third visit...forget it. Granted it was busy that day but that doesnt give you an excuse to seat customers and then never serve them even a drink. We at least got that from the IHOP in Plano (yes I reviewed that one). After 30 minutes of watching waitstaff attend to every other table around us we decided that they didnt want our business and told the hostess that on the way out. To give her credit, she did ask if we wanted to talk to a manager. I told her no because nothing the boss would say would be good enough and the conversation would be mighty ugly. We've yet to go back there. I did write Cheddar's headquarters but they were rude enough to not bother answering. Maybe I should have printed the email off and mailed it to the restaurant chain.... ahh well.

EDITED: I got this answer from Yahoo today regarding the avatar problem..thought ya'll'd like to know. As such I'll be cutting and pasting my avatar into my pictures until they get it fixed.:

Mon, 09 Apr 2007 14:48:57 -0700
Re: Feedback - Problem using the product (KMM92711178V55290L0KM)
"Yahoo! 360" <> Yahoo! DomainKeys has confirmed that this message was sent by Learn more

Hello, Thank you for writing to Yahoo! 360. As you have noticed we are currently experiencing issues with your Y!avatar not displaying recent changes within your Yahoo! 360 account. We apologize for this and be assured that we are aware of this issue hope to have it resolved as soonas possible. We appreciate your reporting it to us -- your input helps us to identify ways to constantly maintain and improve our service. We are always striving to keep Yahoo! 360 the best place to keep in touch with friends and family on the planet! Thank you again for contacting Yahoo! Customer Care.

Regards, Oryan

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