Saturday, August 16, 2008

Entry from Sept 2,2006

Thurs August 17th - Sat August 19th

Ok. The goals were to get the "kids" to the "spa" (read furbabies and vet respectively) on Friday as the "spa" is closed on Thursdays. Babe went to pick up the rental car Thursday afternoon. I spent part of the day trying like hell to finish the DFH. Babe helped by pinning the hem up, but it was a long process. It's not something he does daily and I'm at the point where my feet dont like to hold my weight anymore. If I stand too long I lose circulation in the front of both feet so I have to move often or at least sit down. We managed to get the hem up and prayed that he got it straight. Looking at the pictures it sure looks straight (KUDOS BABE!!!). Gave up on getting the chest done. On Friday we took the "kids" to the "spa" in the rental car. Dharma cried the whole trip in and Katy was excited by the car ride....she wasnt too happy to be left at the "spa" though. Discovered that the car was going to be very uncomfortable for a long ride as my back decided to express it's displeasure with twitches and minor pains. I decided it might be a good idea to make sure to have a body pillow to put behind my back for the trip. The biggest goal for the weekend was to get packed and out at a reasonable hour on Saturday. This was not to happen. We had last minute things to finish up around the house and last minute packing. Then, when all was packed and ready and we were going to be leaving in like 3 minutes at most, the phone rang. I almost didnt pick it up, but it was my matron of honor and I figured it must be important if she was calling when she KNEW we were going to be headed out the door. She was in a total panic and said that the dress turned out to be a mini-dress because they hemmed it up too far and the sleeves were all wrong. I told her I didnt give a damn WHAT her dress looked like and went into the grief that mine had been giving me AND the grief I went through to get a damn bra as well (in terms that would make a roomful of truckers blush too, unfortunately). She told me she'd just been kidding (whew) and to calm down because she was packing her sewing machine (YAY). I was told to calm down, breathe, not look at the dress and have a great time at my in-laws 2B. She asked me if all my packing was done and I said yea...that we WERE headed out the door 30 minutes ago.... LOL. After I hung up, we got on the road. Only made it as far as Texarkana that night....not nearly as far as we'd hoped to be. *sighz*

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