Friday, August 15, 2008

Entry from May 29, 2006

Sorry it's been so long since I wrote last. As much as I'd like to say nothing much has been happening, that'd be a lie and a half. I'm worried about a couple of my friends. You know who ya are....I luv ya dearly and will be here if you need or want to talk. *HUGZ*

I havent chatted with my gramma in a couple weeks so I have no clue what is going on there. I DO know daddy was supposed to visit her this weekend and I dont want to disturb bonding time so I wont call until later this week. If there are any problems Im sure my mom will call or maybe even daddy. As my friend in SC told me once..."Expect the best but be prepared for the worst". As I havent had any calls from that area of the country I have to guess things are ok. Either that or gramma told daddy not to worry us grandkids about things.

I finally got the favors nearly finished. I had about 4 of them crap up on me so I gotta retouch the edges and I need to buy candles for the rest of them. Alice hun, there's the pic ya been wanting to see up there* . I have some other votive candles I could reasonably use for the rest of them but they arent the same color or style. It wouldnt be bad if I put them in a separate area I guess, but most of those reading this know me....picky picky perfectionist! The inset is a shot of what they looked like beforehand.

Havent heard back from my friend in Pa about the flowers yet. I'll give her til I get the dress done (or a month before the wedding whichever comes first) to answer. After that I'll just assume that I need to work them. Thankfully they wont take too damn long to do. I did, however, hear back from my gal friend in NY. She's had an unexpected move come up and because of the deposits and stuff, she wont be able to make the wedding. This really kinda stinks because I was wanting her to do a reading in a section of the ceremony. Thankfully the reading is not an intregral part of the wedding so I really dont need to find someone else. I had simply wanted her to do it because she'd been my maid of honor last time around and I wanted her in a place of honor on this special day as well. Although it is not the maid of honor position this time, it was a place that my godfather had occupied last time around and was just as special if not more so. This means I can write the preacher back and tell him the short short version is fine as is, no adjustments needed. So basically all I need to find is that dj....sheesh the pros are so damn expensive. I'm beginning to think that I'll have to bring one of our computers loaded with tunes and just mix and run it.

My Texas sister has been wanting a new banner for her streamtime so Ive been working on that. I told her she could have her pick of any of the pretty lady backgrounds first before I did my own. I am wanting to get a couple new ones set for myself for when I get back in September. Who knows, I may say on it and run the new ones in a month or so. I do know there was a request for a banner from a new streamer (mara) the other day, but ya know...she aint wrote me yet so I wont be making it until she does (so if someone sees her chat remind her she needs to email that request in).

For those of you who I've spoken to about medical concerns, I have some information. First of all the problem with my toes....the lab work came back as negative so basically the doctor and I dont know WTF it is. She's given me a phone number for a podietrist she wants me to see. She also said something about he'll need to take another sample and biopsy it to find out what's wrong. All I know is Im sick and tired of waking up with one or both of those toes in pain. I'll be calling tomorrow as all the offices are closed today. Secondly, that other problem the dr has me on Junel (?) for this month to see if it helps. Im on day three of the medicine and it seems to have cleared things up nicely. After 30 days I go off it. If things dont do what they should after that Im to take the Provera for 10 days and see if that gets things to work properly. I have a bad feeling the thyroid's gone haywire on me. I suspect that alot of my weight and female problems have been stemming from that all my life and a dr is just NOW thinking about it. Go figure that this is the first time I have a FEMALE dr and she's the FIRST to consider that option. While I was in, the dr had me given a tetnus shot. You're supposed to get them every 10 yrs and since Im sooooo bad at getting to a dr when I should she figured it'd probably be best if I had one. Now my arm itches because it's healing but it's bumped up and tender so I cant even scratch it and make it feel bummer. I was told it's be 2-3 days before the swelling and redness went away....I got the shot Friday morning so anyday now right? I'd better find that info sheet she gave me and double check.

Sometime after I went to the dr's, my Babe took me to Khols because I saw a ring on special I wanted to check out. Original intention was to use my Hugs n Kisses ring he bought me at Christmas for the wedding band but it didnt look right with the ring he bought me at Valentines Day (the hearts ring we decided looked great as an engagement ring). When we'd stacked them to see how it looked...well it wasnt so nice lookin so I'd been looking all over for a V ring so it would at least stack nicely. Go figure....I want one and ya cant find one ANYWHERE...not even on EBay! So as I was perusing the Khols ad I saw one that would work very nicely and I wanted to check it out. Ohhhhh when I got there and got the 2 stacked they looked soooooooooooooooo pretty. We ended up buying it and sending it out to be resized. I'll be usin the Hugs n Kisses ring either for my right hand OR I'll see if it stacks on top of the other two nice...if it does that may be the new home for it.

Babe called me yesterday from work (yeah...he had to work on his birthday...dont THAT suck). He told me next week he starts the overnight part of his schedule. Two whole months of overnights. I am NOT looking forward to this at all. I told him I didnt know if I should rearrange my schedule or not as on his days off we'll still need to get up and going at reasonable hours to get things done. He laughed and said I was nearly at that schedule anyhow! Put that way Im guessing my schedule shouldnt change much at all. Well we'll see.

Well I think that's about it for now....I think Im gonna scoot and rip these 3 new discs I got this weekend. While we were out and about I got the new Def Lep cd, Debbie Gibsons Greatest Hits and her MYOB cd (after she went from Debbie to Deborah). I want to get them ripped and into my files so I can play them on stream sometime. I dont recognize any of the tunes on the MYOB cd so Im taking a real chance on this. I figure if I dont like it...ah'll become a decent trade in for the secondhand music shop.

*located in Photobucket?

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