Monday, August 18, 2008

Entry from April 15,2007

I cant believe how much the temperatures dropped after that storm Friday. We'd had 70's prior to it and yesterday didnt get out of the 40's. *UGH* I see some bright skies out there today but Im afraid to step out because it could still be chilly. I dont mind cool so much as long as it doesnt dip too much below least not this time of year.

Speaking of time of year...American friends you remembered it's tax season right?

Last night's stream was awesome, too bad nearly everyone missed it. I had music from the movies last night. We had music from Elizabethtown, Ice Princess, Armegeddon, Spiderman and several others spinning last night.

I see one of my friends finally loaded her picture into her Yahoo360. I hope this means she'll start writing in it soon. She's funny as all hell and I miss her bunches. It'll be so nice when things finally straighten out for her.

Oh that pic above? It's one of the lighthouses I mentioned I was painting in a previous entry. The green is felt that I've glued to the bottom. This reminds me I still have to trim all that excess yet. Maybe today. I painted 2 for Christmas gifts. One for hubby's Mom n Dad and one for his Aunt n Uncle. I think one of the lighthouses will actually go to someone else. Actually, Im thinking they'll both go to places other than blood family. We'll see.

Sent a package off to my SCSis on Friday. I returned the collapsing cooler that she was so nice enough to loan us for our trip home in August. Yeah, I know it's taken a while but I wanted to add a couple pressies in the cooler for her. I sent her a 3 pc knickknack set of monkeys (she loves monkeys). I also sent her a couple brushes from a set that had been given to me. I would never use them and I thought maybe she could make some use of them.

Havent decided what I feel like doing today. I know I have dishes and laundry that need doing, but I also have some more pieces that are nearly finished (2 butterflies, 2 fish, 2 bears and 2 birds). I also still have a needlework piece I started last year. It's supposed to be our wedding sampler...LOL. I really dont feel like doing much today though. I dont know what it is but the "I dont wannas" have been hitting alot lately. Maybe it's because of the limbo we're in around here regarding his job. I hate being in limbo. I dont know whether to head things off and pack or not. Knowing my luck, if I pack we wont move and if I dont we will. Of course if I pack it'd declutter this place a bit too (and then invaribly I'd need something I just packed...go figure). Oh I hate limbo. I know he applied for a position in NC (Stanfield? Not sure of the city, I'll have to check again) a few days back but Im not sure if he's heard back yet. He'd originally told me that they were looking for engineers and it'd mean another 2 years in school before he could even apply for a job like that. I told him it couldnt hurt, maybe they had another position they hadnt posted yet that he was qualified for. Keep your fingers crossed. This would put us closer to family (by like 8 hours...I can handle a 5 hour drive much better than a 12+ hr one).

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