Monday, August 18, 2008

Entry from April 12,2007

Im using the same picture as before because last night was Idol results. Wow. I didnt really see that coming. I was wrong not once but twice last night. Ahhh well. I cant be right all the time.

I decided that exercise program the Torino seat belt system developed was too aggravating to deal with so I took the adjuster off the belt. I've got to figure a better way of dealing with it. Granted the belt is easier to put on, but Im back to being uncomfortable in the car. Maybe a booster seat...

Im trying to decide what to do for my stream this week. Usually I try to gear it toward what Idol had on for the week, but Im not sure I could handle 3-4 hours of Latin music. Maybe I'll gear it towards next week and do all country....or maybe not because Im sure I personally couldnt handle that either. Maybe 80's groove music....I just got a 3 cd set from Frys yesterday and I have a ton of other 80's music on file in the computer already.

I guess that's about it for now. I cant wait until next week when my Amazon order comes in because I ordered the new Robert Randolph cd and MiG's on pre-order so they'll be coming in sometime this week or next. I hope they ship early like they did last time.
EDIT: Oh and it looks like they *FINALLY* fixed the avatars. Thank goodness!

*Picture referenced had been a political cartoon. A woman on the sofa watching tv and going nuts and the hubby just coming in the room.
Woman: OMIGOD...I can't believe this!!! What a shock!!!
Man: Gas prices? Iran?
Woman: No! Who got kicked off 'American Idol' !!

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