Saturday, August 16, 2008

Entry from July 27, 2006

Gotta love that pic! Bridezilla* . Well I've done really well so far. Ask any of my friends, I havent had too much in the line of freak-outs but we're in crunch time and I feel the inner Bridezilla attempting to surface. Good news is that Babe seems to be fine with this. Kinda like just another day for him right now. Im wondering if it's really dawned on him yet how little time there is? Maybe it's because we have been together for so long....maybe that's why neither of us are in a panic yet....

Ok got the panels put into the sleeves the night before last and got them sewn last night. Then when I went to pin in the liner one didnt match up nicely. D'OH! So I ripped the seam out and re-pinned and it STILL didnt look right. First thought was "Damn I musta cut the wrong section off when I was trimmin the excess last nite". *UGH* So I unpinned and thought about either re-sewing and cutting the rest down OR cutting out a new sleeve piece. As I was tryin to decide I was lookin at the piece and it looked right....further inspection showed that I had sewn the panel in the wrong spot (double D'OH) and that's why it looked wrong. *sighz*. I got it installed again (correctly this time I might add) and then worked on the cuffs of the sleeves. I decided the sleeves were a tad too long for my liking and instead of using a standard seam I made the connection a full inch so it would shorten up a little. As I was looking at the finished up pieces I decided it looked a tad plain so I spent the next 4 or 5 hours (possibly more) hand sewing on a gold braid trim on the sleeves and neckline of the dress. Originally I wasnt gonna because I thought the trim would be 1) too narrow and 2) too much of a bother because it was too thick to run through the sewing machine nicely. Well guess what, it wasnt really all that hard....just time consuming and with me doing it by hand most of the stitches are well hidden (except around back and under the sleeves where not many people will be getting upclose and personal anyhow! Tonite I gotta put the sleeves into the dress and then all I have left is tweaking and a hem on the liner and dress. Neither the tweakin NOR the hemming I can do on my own so I may have to show Babe how to get the pins in for me....either that or find a friend around here to help....hmmm maybe Julia....ohhhh Joooooooooooooooooooo-leeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee-aaaa (said for benefit of my Babe who reads these at work and he works with Julia's hubby so maybe he'll remember to ask Bill if I could borrow that sweet wife for an hour or so). LOL

Went out today and bought something I havent bought in a very long Talk about being clueless.I havent worn the stuff for better than a decade. So many different things out there. I knew I wanted the Neutrogena minerals foundation, but didnt know what all else I wanted. Ended up getting brands I had coupons for. My make up bag has a variety of brands now. I think I did real well picking out colors though. I wont know until I try it all out. I did forget one thing though....a nice big blushbrush. Oh well I gotta go out tomorrow anyhow to get ...well never ya mind what Im getting....just need to have it before I can tweak the dress ;).
Got so little time left. I was looking at the calendar wondering where those months all went. Next week I have to go the the dr's to have blood drawn again so my thyroid can be checked. Sometime next week I also gotta get my hair colored (silver highlights just dont match the maroon, gold and cream color sorry). I hope it turns out ok. It usually does. Gotta get a hair trim just before we go too. Tomorrow we're picking up the "Hold" cards for our mail so they get done in enough time....still gotta touch base with his mom to see if she found out about the cake and if so where to send the cake topper the food place and see when best to place the order....oh and gotta talk to his cousin about the flowers ( I wrote her last nite if I dont get an answer in the next day or so Im calling). Gave Babe his orders to get me a list of music so I could get that all set....hopefully I'll have that *BEFORE* he goes back to work this week (hint hint Babe).

Better scoot. Those sleeves aint gettin done at this rate......

*The picture mentioned had been a really pissed off Godzilla with a bouquet in claws and a veil on his head.

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