Saturday, August 16, 2008

Entries for Aug 14 & 15, 2006

Ok so I havent looked at the dress *yet* tonight BUT I did manage to clean off 2.5' of my desk and have a little work space now. I didnt manage to find what Im looking for (but I suspect I know where it's at) NOR clean the ENTIRE desk, but it's still a little victory. While I was at it I also hooked a clear comb to the wreath Im going to be wearing without majorly fubarring anything (*knock on wood*)....YAY ME!!I need to remember to set the alarm so Im up early enough to call the dr tomorrow. By the time I woke up today the dr office was closed...*sigh*. Oh well.

How many idiots does it take to order a bustier?

That's the question of the day. I called that shop back up *again*. Actually got to talk to the gal who helped me in the shop so I explained to her what I'd been through and still no bra (which means no sale for her...Lord help her if she's on commission). I guess the boss lady called on Monday to find out from the company they order from what the hold up is. Now, in retail, if you know ya got a pissed off customer dont you USUALLY keep nagging the place you order from to get the product in and get the customer off your back? Would you honestly just leave a message and pray the company got back to you in that business day? Not me...if I have a guest who special ordered a product and they've sent an email AND called the store can bet ya sweet ass I wouldnt be leaving just a message. I'd be calling every 2 hours all day to get my answer. So the clerk got with her boss and asked her what the heck was going on and this is the excuse I was given " Christine called yesterday and left a message at the company and they havent called back yet but she's on the phone with them right now and she'll call you right back." *SIGHZ* Ok...honestly at this rate I coulda sewed the damn bra myself ...even WITH all the problems I have been having with the DFH. Well I got a call back and Im assured that it'll be in first thing Thursday morning. I told them if it wasnt in by then they could just keep it as I was outta town on Friday and wouldnt be requiring it at all at that point.Left a message for the dr and she didnt get back to me at all today. Ahh well, maybe tomorrow.

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