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Entry from Sept 6,2006 pt 1

Here is the cabin we were staying in for those just joinin us:

That very first room pictured with the Tiffanyesque lamps was mine and the bathroom with the jacuzzi was adjoined to the room. Nighttime usually means a trip to the bathroom for me...especially if Im in a place Im not normally in so I left the adjoining door open. I had no fear anyone would walk in because I was the only one sleeping on this level. My friend from NY was upstairs with his own bath and my matron of honor, her hubby and my Babe were downstairs with their own bathroom. From the bathroom side of the bed (the side I always sleep on no matter WHERE we're at...made that rule very clear when I travelled with Babe), I could see the door that led out to the kitchen. I heard someone up and about, but I was cozy so didnt check on them. I thought whomever had stayed the night in the livingroom (maybe Babe...or maybe the matron guarding the door to make sure the groom didnt sneak in). I woke several times during the night and the light was still on. Hmmm. *shrugz*. I woke a third time. It was still very dark and I heard the dishwasher going and thought I heard the sewing machine so I knew my gal was up and at work. I took my friend in Pennsylvania's advice though and let myself sleep (Her exact words were...sleep late, they cant start without you anyhow!). I had the alarm set for 8am and it hadnt gone off yet AND I couldnt see it so I figured I wasnt gonna leave that nice cozy soft bed. I woke a 4th time and could see the was almost ready to go off so I got vertical and moving. As I exit my room I see my gal hard at work on the dress....she'd been up since 5am. *shakes head*. I told her she shoulda got me up and she said no...that it wouldnt do to have a bitchy bride and I needed to sleep. LOL She knows me too well. We worked on the dress for a bit and got to the point of it's gonna need to make due. Put the dress on and she basted the top. Once off she was going to hand sew it as the fabric was being obstinate (still) and no matter what we did with the machine it'd get messed up. The boys got up and got things moved around. We had them move the tv to the bedroom because we wanted to put up a memorial to the grandparents (his folks idea).another reference point for those just joining us..go to the folder with the hands on it: *

As they got things re-arranged she and I attempted to finish the dress. We had breakfast around 9am or so. Nothing more than cinnamon rolls and juice. Got the place cleaned up and the guys went to WalMart at 10am to pick up the rest of the food. We figure, ok we have 2 hours before the minister shows up for the rehearsal so this is still do-able. At 11am...all heck broke loose. I was in changing out of the dress for seemingly the umpteenth time when there was a knock at the door. My gal (who is dressed in nothing but a teeshirt, no bra and a pair of holey boxers) goes to answer the door. It's the in-laws....already. I guess she started to fuss and mil2b told her, "It's ok...we're family". Well...umm ..ya aint her family and you're very early! *sigh* My gal hauled ass down the stairs with the dress in tow and the inlaws proceeded to make themselves comfy. While the matron was downstairs in a panic trying to get at least presentable and finish the dress up...I kept going with what needed to be done. Namely, pressing Babe's stuff and organizing things. As Im mil (bless her sweet heart) decided to pull out some toys for her grandchild (Babe's sister's boy) to play with. God BLESS my new bro in law for telling her..."Ma, they're trying to get things ready ...dont put that out for him!" At which I heard her say something about keeping the child occupied and I piped in with "there's a room downstairs with a pool table...just lemme call down and let her know ya on ya way down there..." No sooner they got downstairs than my gal hauls ass back upstairs and says this dress is just gonna have to do. For a laugh I call her name and show her my finger...damn thing is swelled back up to the point of the engagement ring not fitting again (yet I slept all night with it on AND was in the hottub with it the night before...go figure). We had a good laugh over this. She decides the loveseat and the stool need to go out on the balcony and outta the way. So I peek downstairs and call my big strong bil2b to come upstairs and help. While they were doing that I attempted to iron my dress (did I mention the ironing board we were supposed to have in cabin was nowhere to be found and I had to use the kitchen table? No I didnt think I had...) As soon as the furniture was moved and my gal regained her composure and my dress was ironed (well as good as could be managed considering)....she ordered me into the bath (damn bossy leos...the both of us! LOL). As Im getting ready to climb in, I hear someone say the minister is here and the guys are back with the food too. Whooohooo...great timing. My gal n I go and start staging places and let the minister know the photographer isnt here yet so she may have some changes. We kinda just talked through an idea of what everyone would be doing and the minister wanted to do one run through. Kewl beans. So I patch off to the bathroom where I was coming in from. I KNEW my gal's sweet hubby had been haulin in some ice....what I didnt know is that it was leaking. I hit the small puddle just ahead of her hubby who had a towel in hand to clean it up. *BAM* down on all fours...right knee first (dammit why is it I ALWAYS hit THAT knee FIRST??)...this is my bad knee...the one the arthritis has hit me the worst. I hear the whole cabin worth of peeps going into a tizzy and my matron of honor panicking. Did I scream and swear (it hurt like hell so shit ya I felt like it)? Did I cry (with everything going wrong and now Im hurting too...ya betcha I wanted to)? Nope. I did the one thing no one expected. I LAUGHED. Oh GOD my knees HURT and my toes got banged up on the tender tips...but I LAUGHED. Got myself up....dusted off...and limped into the bathroom to make sure I didnt break any skin anywhere (not a diabetic but my legs are slow to heal and prone to getting infected). I didnt. Didnt even have a bruise and that's amazing considering nearly 300 went down on all fours like that. We did a run through...with everyone holding their breath to see if I'd fall again. Perfect run through. Babe and I sat down with the minister to do the paperwork and the minister asked if I was ok and I laughed again. I told him I was seeing it as a blessing. When he asked why...I told him that my first marriage went off without a hitch and I ended up in a divorce. This HAD to be a good sign with all that'd gone wrong. It made him smile and laugh at the whole thing too. He said I had a good point there. The minister had to leave for a bit. *PERK* MOMMMMMMMY! My folks showed up and the stress of the ride was evident on my Mommy's face. I spent a few minutes with them. Daddy point out that this cabin wasnt the one pictured as the picture showed more of a flat space for parking and this definitely didnt have that spot! The matron of honor ordered me to my room to *finally* take a bath and relax the knee. Ohhh the soak felt so nice. Would have felt better if I could have used the jets but I had poured some stinky pretty stuff in that would foam badly if I used the jets. Personally, I wouldnt want to clean up a mess like THAT again (imagine a heart hottub, bubblebath and bubbles 5' up the wall all around the tub...yep...messy). She brought me some water...eww tasted was tonic water with a few drops of gin in it. I guess she thought I was getting too hyper...LOL. I didnt sit too long (oh how I wanted a long soak!) because too much was going on in the other room and I couldnt relax no way no how! I got out, dried off and started getting things ready. My gal came in with all her stuff in tow and asked how I was gonna do my hair. I hadnt even thought of it. I figured a half up half down because no way was it gonna go fully up. She ended up putting in a small bun to hold the garland in place and attempted to put some curls in it. As you can see from the pix she got a little frustrated because the hair didnt want to take the curl. Coulda told her (been a while...she woulda remembered this before)...the hair was too clean...and it's baby fine so it wont hold without a gallon of mousse, curlers, curling iron and more hair product on top of it all!!!Ah well. My sil came in while I was getting ready to take pictures. The poor gal had to climb on the tub and take all these weird angles because all I had on was my bustier and panties (didnt wanna get anything on that dress so it went on last).When the hair was done my matron got hers done and I started my makeup. Didnt put much on because I normally dont wear it anymore and I didnt want to mess it up. I got my dress on and my sil got a few shots of that (didnt like the pix so I didnt put em in and I prolly never will so dont ask LOL). When we were almost done, my sil left and I told her to send my friend from NY up to start the tunes. I figure we have a couple minutes and do some touch up work and I hear my sil from the other side of the door saying the tunes are going....shortly there after I hear my Daddy knock and say "It's showtime!"

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