Friday, August 15, 2008

Entry from May 2, 2006

UPDATE: Just talked with gramma. She had her first chemo treatment last week on Wednesday. It's still got her sick as a dog....weak and tired and cant hold much of anything down. Talked to mom last night and she said daddy is going to visit gramma at the end of the month. Mostly to help her get things in order. Gramma was telling me she hopes she isnt sick when he arrives. Looks like the chemo is an every 3-4 week deal and they gave her a whopper of a dose to see how much can be handled. Told her that her body wasnt used to the toxins and yes she'd be sick, but if I recalled after several treatments it did get a bit better and she wouldnt be as sick. She told me she wasnt sure if she'd keep em up or even if the doctors knew how long she'd be on them. She had company over so I'll call her back next week and see if she's feeling better. Im liable to tell daddy if things are real bad down there to let me know and I'll head down to help out.

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