Monday, August 18, 2008

Entry from April 14, 2007

WOW! Those storms we had last night. Im pretty sure it hit the national news as I saw the comment on my front page by LBR. Yes we got rain like you wouldnt believe. There was hail and high winds too. In our area the hail was only the size of peas but farther west and south they ended up with hail up to the size of tea cups (3" diameters). Im not sure what all my TxSis got. All I know is she had a bigger section of storm to sit through. There was indeed a rain cloaked tornado nearby our area. Rain cloaked tornadoes are pretty common in the area. They are hard to see to you never really know if it's there until it's hit. The tornado sirens were going off in our area off and on for about an hour or more. The picture above shows the approximate path it took. We're the yellow dot, the arrow approximates the path. The tornado's path took it a mere 10 miles to our south. Much too close for my comfort. We are both safe. The house and car are absolutely fine. We got lucky compared to many others. The devastation was horrendous. There were several buildings with their roofs blown off and 18 wheeler trucks knocked over on their some cases stacked like toys. The company with those Pods you can rent for storage had many of their units tossed around like building blocks. It definitely wasnt a good night for many.

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