Saturday, August 16, 2008

Entry from July 3, 2006

Had a rotten start to my day today. Was woken up around 930am or so when Babe came home and got in bed. I'd had trouble going to sleep and had only been asleep for maybe 2 hours or so. Poor guy didnt realize this and woke me right up and I was really bitchy about it (if ya reading this luv Im sorry). Then some company called LKS Donations called around 11:15am and never left a message and then not 3 minutes later a company called Sai-Tsta rang my phone...this one I picked up and they were wanting donations. Asked how I was doing and I said I'd be better if we weren't on the nightshift around here. I didnt even get an "Im sorry, I hope I didnt wake you" or which point I gave the jerk an earful, hung up and knocked the corded phone off the hook so I could get some peace and quiet. Idiots! Sheesh someone tells ya they're on nightshift, and you've called before least APOLOGIZE! It'd make me so much more likely to hear ya out.

I was watching the news this morning and caught the weather for once. Looks like we're supposed to have storms all this week. The running joke lately had been everytime my TxSis came to go shopping it would be a rainy day (maybe that's why we've had a 50 day drought....been a long time since we shopped). Well, this time my brother is in town for that LAN War thingy and look what happens! So, my theory is this...if we need just a little for a shopping trip. However, if we aint been shopping for a my bro to come in for the week. LOLOLOL . As long as it dont keep me from streamin on Saturday is all I ask....and maybe at least one other day so I can sew....yeah that'd be good too.

Got an email from my friend in Pa last night. She was telling me how the river in her area had flooded with all the rain they'd had. From what she said, it was so bad that they arent really living in the house at this point. I am half expecting a call or letter later saying that she's sorry, but she wont be able to make it to the wedding after all. That'll suck though because I was hoping she's get to meet my folks and get to visit with Babe once more. Lord knows when we'll be up that way again. I wrote back and told her to contact me if she needed anything....I'd see what I could do. I wish I knew if the pieces I painted for her survived the flood or not...I really dont want to out and out ask if they did or not. Am sure if they didnt she'll write back and ask because I KNOW she loved those pieces. If not I have one of the pieces I could repaint for her...I'd have to see if I could find the other online though. Maybe I'd best just look and see if I can find one anyhow...just on the off chance.

The pic up there is from a newspaper in Pa. I cant remember if it was the area I was living in or one of the surrounding towns. The is a 2 story house in the picture. The water in many pictures was a minimum of chest high on the firemen...just to give you an idea how deep it got in spots. Here's a link to the paper, you can see more pix here:

I know that there was somethin else I wanted to talk about today, but for the life of me I cant think of what it I guess I'll sign off. Worst case, I can edit this post.

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