Monday, August 18, 2008

Entry from March 24, 2007

Sorry I havent written in a couple of days. I'm trying to get into the habit of putting something, anything down every day or two. Unfortunately, I know me real well and if something gets to feeling more like a chore than fun I stop. Im stubborn that way.

I know I just changed the look of this blog a day or two ago (and damn it looked nice too!) but Idol this week was the British Invasion and sixties. Anyone who follows my streams knows that when Idol season is around much of the music they had been performing that week will appear in my stream that Saturday (and filled with new stuff from VH1, MTV and CMT). This with the 60's tunes (and many that were older than me) I decided to do nothing but 60's tunes. As I was proofing the stream I got into a hippy groove and decided to update my blog too! I had so much fun listening to these tunes (who cares if most if not all are older than me) I just may play more 60's next week because I have this huge list of tunes that I have and they didnt make it on my playlist for the week.

We went to Wally World and Half Price Books and I managed to get 5 new cds (well new for me). I bought Elliott's new cd (WHOOT!), and Joss Stones new cd at Wally World. At the other store I got JT's Justified, Nickleback's All the Right Reasons, and Brian Littrell's Welcome Home. Brian's name sound familiar? If you were a Backstreet fan it should.

Hubby had a dr appointment this week. Either he or the dr said something about his smoking and he came out with a script for a medicine to help him kick that habit which makes me happy as can be. Things will get rough here, I know, but maybe not because the medicine is supposed to help with depression too so maybe it wont be so bad.

Oh...remember I was saying in an earlier blog that the dr said I could retry dairy in 3-4 months? Well I had a bit of parmasean cheese on my spaghetti last night and didnt take my Lactaid. Other than a small stomach ache, there were no ill effects. I didnt get the severe stomach pain and vomitting which is really good. Im going to weed a little dairy in every day and see how well it works. Im thinkin the tummyache may have been all in my mind because I was really nervous about eating dairy without the Lactaid...Ive been taking it nearly 10 years now.

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