Saturday, August 16, 2008

Entry from July 18, 2006's THAT hot. So damn hot that my cat took up swimming in the bathtub. Reached 107 today IN THE FRIGGIN SHADE!!!!! Means it was about 110-112 in the sun easily. So hot that my a/c only gets the house to 85 (and it's set for 72...). It's so hot my dah'lin brought home a wind tower fan and turned it on this morning (without turning off the a/c) and aimed the bugger for the bed and even with the a/c and the fan AND no sheets on we managed to break a sweat just lying there breathing (without the benefit of a nice cardiovascular workout either thankyouverymuch). They're calling for a couple more days of this and *maybe* we'll get lucky and get a cool front in to drop it a whole 10 degrees (dont get'll still be in the high 90's).

On an upswing my babe bought his wedding band while he got the fan. Didnt have to remind him either. I love ya hun!

Am about to ensconce myself under the ceiling fan for the night but I think Im gonna check in to chat for a bit and see about writing my blog for MySpace. Maybe I'll do it by hand and just type in what I wrote later tonite.

Skipped July 15th because really not much was said....just more babble than usual. Just talked about the wallpapers I'd made and the look of the Yahoo 360 page which wont make any sense here. The picture that led the blog off was a drenched cat climbing out of a tub or sink.

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