Saturday, August 16, 2008

Entry from June 26, 2006

I'm doing my blog this time in a different manner. I am actually writing it in the WordPad part of my computer so I can paste it in the blog when Im done. I have been finding I get writing forever and when I go to preview it gets stuck and takes forever to load. I have a hunch it's because of the upgrades they're doing to our DSL out here. There were some workers this last week diggin holes and I'm guessing installing the fiber optic lines that they're switching to. It's *SUPPOSED* to be making the service faster, but I havent seen it getting faster. The last few days it's been, well to put it kindly, slow enough that even the Slowskys from the Cable internet commercial wouldnt even want to deal with this. Top things all off, it's possible they tossed me behind a new firewall. This in and of itself can be a good thing. However, in this case it prevented me from streaming on Saturday as per usual. Let's just say there was one very pissed off streamer and alot of disappointed fans out there on Saturday. Today the net seems to be movin better but now my MSN homepage doesnt want to work properly. Im hoping it's all part of the upgrade as Verizon n MSN are in bed together now.

Well, I just tried my stream after PoppaJoe was done streaming and it works fine now. Im wondering what the hell went wrong but am really happy it's working fine now. When we were having problems I had ripped Producer out and re-installed and PoppaJoe had me set up under some new settings. He says I sound great so I guess that's that. So, no Alice n skitz, I wont be hangin up my headset for a while yet.

Got a call from one of my Babe's cousins the other night. She was wanting to do the flowers for our wedding as a gift. Gotta love the timing on this as I was going to have to do all that stuff once I got the dress done. It's now one less thing I gotta worry about. I was going to rework the bouquets I had bought (see picture above) and make the rest, but Im really happy someone else wants to do the task. Im thinking of calling my SCSis and let her know that we wont have to worry about the decor anymore. I had originally written my friend in Pa but she aint gotten back to me so I'll write her and say nevermind on the flowers...but if she wants to make me a necklace instead....or something I do have a necklace that matches my ring. Now if I could get an offer to do the wedding cake...that would save me over $100. We've decided to just bring one of our computers for the tunes so I have been going thru my music files and cleaning a bunch out and see what all I have in there. One of my good friends from NY (let's call him my NYBro...I've known him for over a decade as he was the bestman in my first wedding and NO he has nothing to do with my ex anymore!) is going to keep an eye on the music for us and make sure it keeps going. I had originally asked a few of my streamer friends, but none of them could promise they'd be able to make it.....not even if it meant meeting me or my Babe on our special day. So, pretty much I've said ~~ on that noise and found someone else to do it.

My toes seem to be healing nicely. They had been looking like they wanted to infect again so I put myself back on the antibiotics for a few days to see if it'd clear up and it seems to be doing the trick. The dr had wanted me to start running them under the tub faucet so I started that. Hurts like hell sometimes as the toes are so tender. My home health nurse (Babe!!) has been taking real good care of them. I seem to be suffering from leg cramps in my left leg lately, but am thinking it's because I have to walk so strangely on that foot. Not only do I need to try and keep the weight off that toe, but I cant put the weight on the left side near the small toe either. I had really bashed up that side of my foot a couple of years ago on the baby gate and every so often I get a twinge and it gets tender on me. Now I see a few of you going..."I thought she had no kids so why a baby gate???" Well we have the gate to keep the chihuahua outta certain rooms in the house (at that point it was outta the apartment bedroom). When we're up and about we take the gate down and set it aside. Well one time it wasnt really aside far enough and I had to go running for a Nature call and misjudged the stupid gate and smacked the left side of my left foot....bruising half the foot and the left 3 toes badly. I couldnt walk on it for weeks. We think it may have broken or fractured, but since there was no insurance for me at the time, there was no going to the dr to have it looked at. So now...every now n then, I get a twinge...and it gets tender to the point where I have to baby it a bit. I think I may talk to the dr about it next time Im in. All I know is that everything needs to work for August...yeah that would be nice.

For those that are following. The Junel seems to have done it's job. I was beginning to worry because the last week and a half of taking the pills, they seemingly quit on me. I didnt want to go to the doctor because I knew what my body was supposed to do after the pills, so I waited until Saturday. Ya know, it seems like things cleared up. I can only guess that the pills didnt look like they were doing what they should because I was under ALOT of stress that week or so because of my toes. Keeping my fingers crossed. Im due in the dr (my pcp) for blood work at the end of next month. I'll be bringin my calendar and going over it again with her.

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