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Entry from Sept 23,2006

I think we got the balance of the rain....thanks Tori...LOL

Sorry I havent written in here for the last few days. I havent really had much to say (what a shock eh?) and after that last thought provoking blog* (I think it put my brain in traction...) and the response I got to it (namely Revmondo linking back to my 360blog in his Yahoo blast area...thanks hun...that was a huge honor!), I hated to replace it with something else too soon. To be honest if I could have come up with something as good as that Im sure I would have done so. As mom would say... Ah Well.

I got a call from my SCsis today. She's not been doing too well lately. I guess she's been having some severe pains in her back lately that seem to be in conjunction to her female system. Between the two of us, we figured they may pull the plumbing....we're hoping it isnt something more severe than that (not saying that in of itself aint severe but we're hoping things arent worse than that). She asked me if I'd come stay a week and help out if she has to go under the knife. Of course my hubby and I discussed it and told her yes as she'd do the same for me if I needed help.

Streamed tonight for the first time in two weeks. Felt good to be back in the headphones again. Found out today I was missed by more than just a few, which really kinda surprised me. I mean for God's sake my rooms are usually can they *possibly* miss me when Im not seen nor heard by many?? Oh well. I still have a decision to make.....and I need to do it before the top of the year. As much as I love streaming, I do get so tired of working as hard as I do to put things together every week. Even just one time spot is getting tiring...even to the point of if someone had offered to cover tonight I would have handed over the reins willingly. This still makes me wonder if it isnt time to hang the ole headphones up. My hubby did a few years back and hasnt looked back since. He hasnt even been back to chat really (with everything he wants under his roof, why bother?). The biggest question, I guess, is could I give it all up. I almost did once and successfully stayed off for 4 months. I dunno...maybe just a change of format will do. All I know is I dont really wanna be playing the same stuff as everyone else does. I know...damn Leos...gotta be different...LOL.

Got myself a couple new cds this week. I bought the Clay Aiken and the Natalie cds. I really like the Natalie one. It's great music to move around and clean the house to (can anyone say The Vacuum Boogie?). Clay's cd isnt bad. Mostly all cover songs. Any Claymate will drool over this cd. The boy's got a wonderful set of lungs. Damn I wish I could sing half as well. While out I proofed Lionel Richie's new one as well as the John Mayer one. I seem to like Lionel's so I may just buy that next week (unless I leave a $20 out for hubby to buy it tomorrow).The John Mayer one I wasnt really happy with. I liked maybe one song off the whole cd. To me that aint worth the price of a cd...well unless it's at the second hand cd shop...that's a different story (no offense intended to those that bought the cd...this is just an opinion..). Right now Im proofing Brooke Hogan's cd on VH1 (gotta love this proof it a week early I know if I want it or not). Sounds like it'll be my type of cd for sure. Im looking forward to this next week's mail because I bought another cd off EBay. It's a Lao Tizer. Some awesome jazz. If you wanna check his tunes out go to .

Been playing around with MySpace ( ) the last couple weeks or so. I learn something new each time Im there (in regards to working with codes and stuff). It's firming up my belief that it's time to go back to school and what I should be going back for. Right now Im praying we have enough funding around tax time so I can do some online schooling. First things first though, the foundation needs repair and the roof needs work too. Damn friggin drought. Which reminds me, Tori I got the balance of the rain today thankyouverymuch. It poured for part of the day. I dont mean a gentle soaking rain...I mean huge frigginassed drops...AND thunder AND lightnin. It got bad enough where I was wondering if I'd make it in to stream today.

During my stream, I ended up with a banner request from one of our streamers and what I am guessing is a distinct hint from another. The second one didnt out and out SAY they wanted a new banner, but they insisted sending me a picture. Hmmm...well they do only have the one banner right now and it WOULD be an easy one to whip together. I forsee it's gonna get busy again once people realize the holidays will be here shortly. Well I guess I better go. I got a few things I need to get done before I can wind down for the night. Im trying to stay up a bit later as this is his last week on days which means I gotta start NOW to get on the new schedule. *ugh*

*The entry this refers to isnt posted here as I already posted the entry in the Inspirational area. It's the entry labelled "The Brick"

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