Saturday, August 16, 2008

Entry from Aug 17,2006


Well they still havent called from that shop yet. If I dont hear from them in the next 45 minutes or so Im going to call another shop that I know carries the same model and see if they have it in stock. If they do I'll be calling this other place back and telling them they can cram it up where the sun shines least.

Im so tired...been on a night schedule for about 2 months now and it seems to suit me just fine. Well....except for the whole not seeing my babe thing I have going..that and not ever seeing many of my friends online anymore...not liking that either. We have to get ourselves back on a day schedule by this weekend though. He'll be on days when we get back in September and that will be the new schedule for one month. Then it's back to nights for Oct and Nov ...then days in Dec. *sighz* We figure we need to do this before the trip starts because once we get to his folks' house we'll HAVE to be on days. Ya see his dad is an early to bed early to rise dude. He's in bed around 8-830 pm and up before the roosters crow ( I think he's the one that wakes them up and that's why they crow at dawn). Now, this ordinarily wouldnt bother me too much because I can sleep through nearly anything as long as I am not worrying about a significant other. HOWEVER, this man has a nasty habit of waking us up at 7am to go to breakfast. Breakfast is not cooked at home...I've never seen any breakfasty type stuff there the times we've visited and I do believe this family doesnt know of the existance of such products. Breakfast entails getting dressed and driving down the hill to Hardees. Ok, should be a 30 minute trip at best right? NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO. It's a 2 hr marathon visit at a fast food joint because they know everyone in the damn town (gotta ~love~ these small's almost like living in "Cheers" because everyone knows everyone). Im not a morning person and to be inflicted with this daily while we're there AND before my tea is not a good thing.... no not at all. I have a bad feeling his Daddy is gonna end up with my sneaker across the kisser one morning. Ohhh and to think Im on my Junel again so I got that extra hormone stuff running through my veins AND Kerry said I cant have chocolate until after the someone's gonna be fk'd. Hormones and no chocolate....not gonna be pretty at all.

Well I gotta's after noon and I still aint had a call from that shop. I think I better get some tea in me before I call them and create them a whole new outlet for their bio-waste.

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